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Welcome to our developers’ resource area. Here you will find our range of APIs, Developer Free Integrations, SDKs and plugins to help integrate AFD’s range of contact data validation and cleansing solutions into a range of environments.

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Rest API

Our API is capable of outputting responses in either JSON, JSONP or XML, giving developers flexibility when integrating our API into their project. For our latest documentation, please click below.


Developer-free Integrations

AFD Software’s Postcode Evolution (PCE) service is a lightning-fast API that searches and retrieves addresses from large address databases such as the Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF). It provides access to the full range of data validation services including email validation, phone validation, bank validation and name validation. Here are just a few plugins we support below.

We also have all of the materials needed to give some guidance on integrating our software into the following systems.

If you don’t use any of the above, we have our own solution that we call Robot. Robot technology was designed by the developers at AFD to overcome integration barriers for almost any desktop or online application. By detecting when contact data is entered, Robot automatically delivers accurate data into the right fields, speeding up entry and delivering accuracy. This can all be done without any back-end development or code changes!

If the plugin you require has not been listed above, then please get in touch as we would love to explore developing this with you.

APIs & Integrations

In addition to the option of integrating directly with our APIs, we have pre-built SDKs, plugins, tools and examples that help developers to quickly integrate our full product range. If you require any guidance with any of our implementation options, do get in touch.

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