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Save time, remove human errors, and improve business efficiency with our AFD Lookup and Validate addon. Use the AFD Lookup and Validate addon to look up incomplete addresses, check emails, phone number and bank details helping with stock control, order processing, invoicing and overall data accuracy.

By partnering with Eureka Software, the Sage 200 Development Team has created an addon to power your Sage 200 with the following functionality:

  • Search and validate addresses.
  • Validate emails.
  • Validate landline and mobile numbers.
  • Verify bank account and sort code numbers.

Address Lookup & Validate

Address Lookup & Validate

AFD Lookup and Validate puts lightning fast, automated search and validation of UK and Irish addresses within Sage 200.

Hidden address data complexity makes data entry mistakes common. With 34 million addresses to choose from that’s no surprise. That’s why AFD products are built to deliver accuracy – utilising only top tier data sources such as Royal Mail PAF® , Ordnance Survey (OS) AddressBase Core and Eircode from An Post.

With automated address validation within Sage 200 you will:

  • Speed up creation of customer records, supplier records and delivery addresses by up to 90%.
  • Prevent the common, human mistakes that lead to wrong delivery, non-delivery and cut the hidden costs of poor service, and returns.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with a level of service that leads to repeat business.

Phone & Mobile Validate

AFD Lookup and Validate phone and mobile validation ensures contact numbers entered are formatted correctly with the right number of digits whilst also identifying if number is “live”.

Having accurate phone numbers within Sage 200 will allow your business to always stay in contact with you customers.

Email Validate

AFD Lookup and Validate email validation ensures email addresses are valid wherever they are entered with Sage 200, using AFD’s 3-point email check system. AFD’s email verification will also deliver detailed insights and suggestions if an email fails validation, allowing you to make immediate amendments.

With accurate email addresses within Sage 200 you can:

  • Save time and money by reducing bounce backs.
  • Get orders signed off as quickly as possible by ensuring customers receive order confirmations on time.
  • Reduce debtor days by ensuring customers receive their invoices and statements on time.
  • Reduce supply issues by ensuring suppliers receive purchase orders and on time.

Bank Verification

AFD Lookup and Validate bank verification helps ensure supplier bank details are precise and accurate.

Having accurate Bank information within Sage 200 help increase the number of successful supplier payments by minimising transaction failure and delayed payments, as well as mitigating fraud.

Which Sage 200 screens and records has AFD Lookup and Validate been applied to?

AFD Lookup and validate has been applied to the following screens:

Create Customer | Amend Customer Details & Add/Amend Customer Contact:

Sales Ledger > Sales Accounts.

Create Supplier | Amend Supplier Details & Add/Amend Supplier Contact:

Purchase Ledger > Purchase Accounts.

Enter New/Amend Bank Account:

Cash Book > Cash Book Accounts.

Maintain Warehouses:

Stock Control > Stock Maintenance > Locations. 

Enter New/Amend Invoice:

Invoicing > Invoices.

Enter New/Amend Credit Note:

Invoicing > Credit Notes.

Enter New Order – Rapid/Full/Trade Counter | Amend Order:

Sales Order Processing > Sales Orders.

Enter New/Amend Sales Return:

Sales Order Processing > Sales Returns.

Enter New/Amend Quotation | Enter New Quotation for Prospect:

Sales Order Processing > Quotations.

Enter New/Amend Pro Forma | Enter New Pro Forma for Prospect:

Sales Order Processing > Pro Forma Invoices.

Customer Delivery Addresses:

Sales Order Processing > SOP Maintenance > Customer Delivery Addresses.

Enter New/Amend Order:

Purchase Order Processing > Purchase Orders.

Enter New/Amend Purchase Return:

Purchase Order Processing > Purchase Returns. 

Company Details:

Accounting System Manager > Settings > Company Details.

NOTE: Any fields added by 3rd party add ons will not be validated. Any screens added with custom development are not included. If you have “Eureka” bespoke development, please contact your Business Parter or your Eureka Solutions Account Manager to discuss updating your bespoke to work with the AFD PCE Integration.

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