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Robot from AFD Software allows our range of contact data validation solutions to work with any desktop Windows or web application. Feedback regarding software integration often focuses on the amount of time it will take, how much valuable technical resource will be expended and will it work within your chosen systems. Robot overcomes all these barriers allowing integration into almost any application.

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What I like is that AFD’s Robot works independently of the database. It runs automatically with all the systems and software packages our staff use each day. From an old but essential Patient Administration System (which would be hard to integrate with), to the systems we use in Accident & Emergency and Audiology - right through to Microsoft Office. What our staff like is that with AFD Robot they can type a postcode or partial address into any software application and the address will appear in the right place and in the right format. It makes their life easier, not harder - so they use it. We get accurate address data which improves the service we are offering to the patients in our care, and best of all we have achieved this without incurring any integration costs.

Frank McIntyre

Application Manager at
Warrington & Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Name, Address, Phone, Email and Bank validation with AFD Robot

AFD Robot allows organisations to deploy rapid, accurate address and contact data entry solutions in any Windows application without developer resource.

Annoying pop-up address entry windows are eliminated – saving time and effort.

For developers just two lines of code gets you started, and there is a wealth of features beyond the basics.

Proven in thousands of locations, AFD Robot technology has been saving integration time and delivering accurate data faster for almost twenty years.

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