AFD Software specialises in providing high quality, efficient contact data management systems – which ensure rapid and accurate capture of name, address, email, phone or banking information – and allow credentials to be verified. Our range of solutions covers legacy, front and back end systems, websites and apps. Whatever the platform, application or system – we have a solution to help your customers validate and cleanse customer contact data.

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What impresses me about AFD is that they never stand still. They are always innovating and are responsive to customer needs. Their agility in delivering new and improved services keeps our customers coming back for more.

Rob Clark

Sales Leader at Education Software Solutions

How To Become an AFD Partner

The Partner Network is a diverse group of software houses and developers with one thing in common – Better Contact Data! Being an AFD Software Partner is about offering your customers rapid, accurate contact data validation – affordably. In the UK, hundreds of AFD Partners are served through focused high quality technical, administration and marketing support services – making it easy to integrate, administrate and sell AFD solutions. To find out more about what it means to be an AFD Partner or to make your application simply download the Partner Application PDF. The application can be completed on your desktop.

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We are here to help

We serve thousands of organisations and a network of hundreds of partners across multiple industry sectors, enabling them to have full confidence in their contact data.