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Address validation saves time and money. It is the backbone of excellent service, customer retention, prevention of duplicates, data analysis, enhanced reputation and more profitable business performance.  

The Postcode People at AFD help deliver the best possible address search solutions for your company to help ensure: 

Typing addresses is slow. AFD’s address lookup solution makes data entry lightning fast.

Many UK addresses are ‘odd’, complicated and not as expected – manual mistakes are easy. Our address verification solutions eliminate errors by providing letterbox-level accuracy based on the very best data sources including Royal Mail PAF® and Ordnance Survey (OS) AddressBase Core®.

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AFD’s solution was initially used as a desktop service for telephone orders. As the focus switched to online so did our requirement from AFD. UK and International address validation are both deployed on the website to ensure speed and accuracy during the customer’s buying journey, regardless of where they need the product delivered.

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Try It

Using the form below, enter your postcode or start typing an address to see results returned.

If you want to validate addresses outside of the UK & Channel Islands you can enable Eircode Validation to validation Republic of Ireland addresses or International Validation to validate addresses in 250+ countries.

You can also enable “Reverse Geocode” which uses gps co-ordinates from your device to return nearby addresses – it works best on Mobile devices!



Easy to Integrate

AFD’s address validation API can be flexibly deployed in a host of environments, installed, or hosted.
Plug-ins for popular platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Salesforce, D365 and AFD Robot provide a range of developer-free integrations.
Visit our Developer Area using the button below to find out more.

Available Functionality

AFD’s address lookup and postcode lookup solutions can validate address data from over 250 countries.
In addition to fast, accurate address entry and address search, our solutions can return a whole host of other datasets.
See some of the options below:


International address validation

UK and International address verification for over 250 countries helps organisations trading globally to lookup and validate addresses worldwide. 

Name data

Almost all 2.2 million UK organisation data records are complete with telephone numbers, the actual or imputed employee size, turnover banding, and user-friendly business classification and Standard Industry Classification (SIC) code. 
More information can be found here.



The 37.6 million UK residential name and address records include length of residency and geodemographic classification. Over 11.9 million of the records have a telephone number.


Our geolocation functionality removes the need for manual address data entry. If enabled, by using the GPS in your customer’s mobile device or computer, our solution instantly returns the full PAF matched address of the current location, in the correct format with pinpoint accuracy and lightning fast speed.  


Nearest functionality allows a customer to enter their postcode, click a button and be given the branch name and address closest to the address provided with an accurate travel time or distance.

Property characteristics

AFD’s address lookup solutions also contain location and property characteristic data for over 31 million unique properties in the UK. Every record has unique identifiers in the form of a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) from Ordnance Survey (OS) and a Unique Delivery Point Reference Number (UDPRN) from Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF). In addition, all addresses have a property classification, e.g. Residential or Business, to help organisations better understand their customers’ property data and help plan for more efficient deliveries.  

Geodemographic classification

Each residential postcode on your database can be appended with a Censation code (there are 52 different codes) which will indicate the typical relative affluence, life-stage and lifestyle of those who live there. It’s a simple to use but effective Geodemographic Classification System and with it, you can understand more about the ‘profile’ of your best customers – and then look for more of them. That way, resources are more wisely directed to prospects which match the right profile – cutting waste and improving the probability of success.

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