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  1. Definitions and interpretations

    1.1 In this Licence the following terms have the following meanings:

    address refers to an address to which mail can be delivered
    Bureau Customer a customer for a Bureau Service
    Bureau Services a service comprising the Data Cleansing of a Customer Database and the supply of the resulting Cleansed Customer Database back to the relevant customer
    Customer Database a database of an End User's customer
    Data Cleansing the processing of existing data records using PAFⓇ Data:
    (a) including validating, reformatting, correcting or appending additional data to those records, and
    (b) including the use of PAFⓇ Data within address capture applications, but
    (c) not including Data Extraction (whether carried out by an address capture application or otherwise), and Cleansed shall be read accordingly
    Data Extraction the extraction of PAFⓇ Data or any part of it for the generation of new address records in a new or existing database
    End User a single legal entity who you or a Licensee may permit to use PAFⓇ Data through its Users in accordance with this Licence
    Extracted Data data generated as a result of Data Extraction
    Licensee a person whose use of PAFⓇ Data you authorise further to this Licence, or whose use authorised by such a person by way of a sub-licence granted further to this Licence (whether directly or by way of a chain of sub-licences) but not an End User
    PAFⓇ Data Royal Mail's database known as PAFⓇ, and including the database known as the "Alias File"
    PAFⓇ Licensing Centre Royal Mail's website at or such other website as Royal Mail may notify further to this Licence
    Party either Royal Mail or you (and Parties shall be read accordingly)
    Royal Mail Royal Mail Group Limited, acting by its Address Management Unit
    Solution a product or service or other solution which benefits from or includes PAFⓇ Data (including the provision of PAFⓇ Data itself), in whatever form, however produced or distributed and whether or not including other functionality, services, software or data
    Standard PAFⓇ Licence a licence (other than a licence on the terms of this Licence) for the use of PAFⓇ Data on standard terms for specified uses made generally available by Royal Mail on the PAFⓇ Licensing Centre or otherwise
    Substantially All a database which on its own or as part of another database comprises all or
    Database substantially all the addresses in the United Kingdom or any of England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland
    Term the period during which this Licence is in force according to its terms
    User an individual authorised by an End User to use a Solution
    Website a website, application or other remotely-enabled means of communicating with end user customers for products and services, made generally available to such customers
    Website Use the use of PAFⓇ Data to capture or verify address details of users of an End User's Website where:
    (a) Website users are not the End User's employees or concerned with the provision of services to the End User (unless acting in a personal capacity), and
    (b) neither the use of the Website or the End User's product and service offering is connected with the management of address data or Data Cleansing, and
    (c) the address capture or verification is carried out for the purpose of the receipt of products or services enabled by the Website
    Working Day Monday to Friday excluding bank and public holidays in England, and Wales

    Website Use the use of PAFⓇ Data to capture or verify address details of users of an End User's Website where:

    Working Day Monday to Friday excluding bank and public holidays in England, and Wales

    1.2 In this Licence (unless the context otherwise requires) words following words such as "includes", "including" and "in particular" are read without limitation, and references to a person are to any natural or legal person whether incorporated or not.

  2. End Users' permitted use of Solutions

    End Users may freely use PAFⓇ Data in Solutions in accordance with these End User Terms.

  3. Conditions of use

  4. Subcontracting

    End Users may provide PAFⓇ Data to their subcontractors who may use it to the extent necessary for:

    in each case for the End User's own business purposes and not those of the sub-contractor and provided that each such sub-contractor agrees to observe the restrictions on use of PAFⓇ Data contained in these End User Terms and that the End User is responsible for any breaches of those terms by such sub-contractor.

  5. Personal rights

    End User rights are personal, limited and non-transferable.

  6. Royal Mail's IPR notice

The End User acknowledges that Royal Mail is the owner of the intellectual property rights in PAFⓇ Data and the PAFⓇ brand and it does not acquire and is not granted any rights to use those intellectual property rights other than as set out in these End User Terms.

  1. Cessation of use of PAFⓇ Data

    End Users must cease use of PAFⓇ Data if their right to use PAFⓇ Data is terminated and also destroy any copies of PAFⓇ Data they hold.

  2. PAFⓇ use by Users

    End Users must ensure that: