AFD Software has specialised in Contact Data Accuracy for over 35 years, helping tens of thousands of organisations to solve their data issues.

Trusted by over 190 colleges and 90 Universities – AFD Software is the preferred supplier for ensuring learner data is correct in the UK’s education sector.

Name, Address, Bank, Mobile Phone and Email data can all be validated ensuring your student systems are clean and accurate. Education specific data sets such as Local Enterprise Partnership, Index of Multiple Deprivation and Geodemographic data for profiling allow you to dig deeper into the data and see the impact your organisation is having.

Recently, the law on data protection has been revised and all organisations are now required under GDPR (article 5.1) "to ensure; Personal data shall be: (d) accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date".

AFD's solutions provide this compliance of data accuracy and much more.

Education Specific Data Sets

Our Education sector specific data sets include:

Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD)

Relative rank of each small area in England from most deprived to least deprived.


Developed by the Office for Students (OfS), the POLAR classification groups areas across the UK based on the proportion of the young population that participates in higher education. .

AEB Devolved Areas

Learner addresses that fall within areas of devolved funding, helping to understand at the point of interest/enrolment which funding body is responsible for the learner.

Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP)

Voluntary partnerships between local authorities and businesses to help determine local economic priorities and lead economic growth and job creation within the local area.

Local Education Authority (LEA)

Local councils in England and Wales responsible for education within their jurisdiction.


Censation® is AFD's own geodemographic classification system that assigns one of 52 group codes to most UK postcodes. The code system uses the latest Census data, which is the most complete and comprehensive survey of the UK population. Whilst not specifically for universities, Censation has a wide range of possible applications and can be used to gauge the socioeconomic background of an applicant. .

Case Studies


Fast, Accurate Address Entry

Address accuracy is the backbone of better service, customer retention, and enhanced reputation.

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Where is my nearest? Shows by distance or drive time your nearest location to the customer's address.

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Geolocate, Geocode and Boundaries

Harness your customer’s current location for one tap address entry.

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Name and Address Validation

Want to find people and organisations, improve marketing, reduce fraud and recover more debt?

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Validate Global Addresses

Solve global delivery and database nightmares. With the best data, specialist knowledge and address formats for 250 nations into one solution.

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Cleanse Address Databases

Cleanse up to 90% of records in a single automated pass, for more matches use our powerful interactive features.

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Email Validation

Ensure the email addresses captured by your organisation have the correct format and are “live”.

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Phone Validation

Our solutions “pings” the number to ensure it is live and minimise the chance of incorrect data entered into your systems.

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Check Bank & Card Details

Entry of bank, account and card details is error prone. Prevent errors, take more business and get the cash faster.

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Mapping and Visualisation

Drive time and drive distance calculations plan routes with optimal time and route efficiency for deliveries.

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Tailored Solutions

Our boffins find advanced solutions to complex data needs for organisations like AXA, Royal Mail and DPD. We can do the same for you…

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