In addition to fully hosted and managed services, we also provide locally installed versions of our solutions; this includes server, desktop and mobile solutions. Below you can find our installers, however, if you can’t find what you are looking for, please get in touch and we will happily help.

Server-based Solutions

Evolution Performance

Evolution Performance is our latest engine and has taken the excellent foundation of the Postcode Evolution Service and added significant upgrades to three key areas, namely: speed, resilience, and improved searching.

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Requirements: 12GB RAM, 12GB HDD Space.

Requirements: 12GB RAM, 12GB HDD Space.


Utilised by hundreds of AFD customers, Evolution is designed for use by businesses wanting to perform address verification for point-of-entry validations. Evolutions comes with an easy-to-use front-end management console to manage your license.


Requirements: 1GB RAM, 6GB HDD Space.


AFD mobile products are proven in the field to minimise errors and speed up data entry on the move by up to 90% and minimise errors.

The results include: better compliance for financial services, more prosecutions in revenue protection,
a higher donor acquisition rate for charities, and less abandonment of shopping baskets on mobile websites.

Windows Desktop Installers

AFD’s range of Windows desktop solutions have been carefully designed to be easy to use, and trouble-free.

Our installers work “out of the box” in tens of thousands of installations, a credit to the expert teams at AFD who develop and maintain our products.

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We are here to help

We serve thousands of organisations and a network of hundreds of partners across multiple industry sectors, enabling them to have full confidence in their contact data.