Geolocation & Geocoding

Identifying the closest delivery address to your current location by harnessing the GPS in your computer or mobile device, allows accurate address information to be entered with one touch or button press.

By removing the need for address entry and allowing online forms to be completed with a button press improves the customer journey and helps remove the chance of manual data error.

Pinpointing the location then returning the nearest address is powered by the very best data sources including Royal Mail PAF® and Ordnance Survey (OS) AddressBase Core®. 

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Whilst address validation is great from a postcode or first line of an address, errors in the entry of the data or address selection are more likely to creep in on a mobile device. To overcome this and shave a few more seconds off the checkout process we worked with AFD Software to implement AFD’s geolocation address lookup. This allows a customer to press a button, then select their address which is listed in nearest order from the current location. Two-button taps, and all the address data is entered accurately.

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Try It

Click the target button at the end of the field below to display your nearest address. This function uses gps co-ordinates from your device to return nearby addresses – it works best on mobile devices!



Easy to Integrate

AFD’s geolookup API can be flexibly deployed in a host of environments.
Plug-ins for popular platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Salesforce, D365 and AFD Robot provide a range of developer-free integrations.
Visit our Developer Area using the button below to find out more.

Available Functionality

AFD’s geolocation and geocoding solution provides a range of location based functionality. See some of the options below:


Our geolocate functionality removes the need for manual data entry. By using the GPS in your mobile device, our solution instantly returns the full PAF matched address of the current location in the correct format with pinpoint accuracy and at lightning speed. 

How does it work?

From the customer’s latitude and longitude, we return the correct address, in the correct format, instantly.


Geocoding is the process of appending latitude and longitude to an address to better understand its physical location, helping visualise data and better understand how to reach delivery points. AFD provides geocode coordinates at different address levels including town, postcode and property level, providing a pinpoint location on your chosen mapping tool. 


Nearest functionality allows a
customer to enter their postcode, click a button and be given the branch name and address closest to the address provided with an accurate travel time or distance.

Nearest allows distance calculations to be returned in three ways:

  1. ‘As the Crow Flies’
  2. Drive distance
  3. Drive time

Driven by customer demand and genuine business requirements, AFD’s enhanced Nearest calculation will provide an accurate travel time or distance to help your customers decide which is the closest restaurant, cinema or chemist to their current location.

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