Dynamics 365 Integration

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Using AFD’s Dynamics 365 Integration you can now put rapid, accurate address, email, phone and bank validation at the heart of your Dynamics 365 platform.

Dynamics 365 Address, Email and Phone Validation

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s suite of applications providing CRM and ERP functionality to organisations around the world. Sales, Marketing, Service, Operations and Commerce are all served by the different applications that sit on this platform. A key driver for adoption of the platform is managing and sharing data across all areas of an organisation to help:

  • Convert prospects into customers.
  • Serve customers to the highest levels.
  • Create consistent, high level customer experiences across multiple channels.

Helping ensure the data entered is validated against the best sources allows organisations to get the most from the Dynamics 365 platform by confirming customer contact details are correct at the point of entry.

Our Address Validation solutions allow users to utilise either postcode finder or address finder functionality.

  • A search by Postcode will result in a list of the addresses at the postcode entered.
  • Alternatively, entering the first line of an address will perform an address search and return the matching addresses.
  • Typeahead functionality can also be used which narrows down the results with each keystroke entered.
  • Geolocation or geolookup functionality harnesses your customer’s current location for one tap address entry.

Essentially, our solutions are flexible and address validation in D365 can work how you want it to.

You can download the manual and solution file here.

AFD’s live Email Verification in D365 performs a live check on the email address entered to verify the email address and avoid vital communications not landing.

You can download the manual and solution file here.

AFD’s live Phone Validation within D365 pings the phone number confirming it is live and reachable via text or call.

You can download the manual and solution file here.

AFD’s bank validation solution allows account number and sort code lookup to help ensure details are correct and minimise failed payments.

You can download the manuals and solution files here and here.

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