Database Cleansing

Maintaining a clean, duplicate-free customer, supporter, member or prospect address database underpins the foundations of effective marketing, high-quality customer service and punctual delivery. This helps ensure communication, protects your company’s reputation, complies with GDPR, and supports sound financial management.

Capable of processing millions of records per hour, AFD’s database cleansing solutions clean, de-duplicate, re-format and geo-code address data. 

Our address verification solutions eliminate errors by providing letterbox-level accuracy based on the very best data sources, including Royal Mail PAF® and Ordnance Survey (OS) AddressBase Core®.

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We receive client-supplied data for a mailing and their request is typically to use the data as it is. AFD’s data cleansing solutions allow us to quickly identify errors and highlight to our clients (with examples) why cleansing the addresses is essential. Last year we sent 12 million pieces of mail with complete confidence. AFD delivers exactly what we expect it to - we put poor data in and get good data out. I would recommend The Postcode People at AFD Software as the best possible address and data quality partners for any organisation wanting to improve their address validation and cleansing processes.

Simon Swan

Head of Data and Mailing, Lonsdale Direct Solutions

Easy to Integrate

AFD’s database cleansing solutions can be flexibly deployed in a host of environments.
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Available Functionality

AFD’s database cleansing solutions clean, deduplicate and reformat address lists. 
In addition, our solutions can append a whole host of other datasets. See some of the options below:

Cleaning up your address data

AFD’s database cleansing solutions help hundreds of organisations get address databases right – and keep them that way. Your organisation can develop clean, reliable, consistent databases, identify potential duplicates and add extra data in a single automated batch process.

Property characteristics

AFD’s database cleansing solutions also contain location and property characteristic data for over 31 million unique properties in the UK. Every record has unique identifiers in the form of a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) from Ordnance Survey (OS) and a Unique Delivery Point Reference Number (UDPRN) from Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF). In addition, all addresses have a property classification, e.g. Residential or Business, to help organisations better understand their customers’ property data and help plan for more efficient deliveries.  

Geodemographic classification

Each residential postcode on your database can be appended with a Censation code (there are 52 different codes) which will indicate the typical relative affluence, life-stage and lifestyle of those who live there. It’s a simple to use but effective Geodemographic Classification System and with it, you can understand more about the ‘profile’ of your best customers – and then look for more of them. That way, resources are more wisely directed to prospects which match the right profile – cutting waste and improving the probability of success.

Flag deceased, movers and goneaways

Update or remove out of date and incorrect contact data records from your database that have degraded over time.

People move and people pass away. Using suppression datasets you can access new addresses, highlight if someone has moved out, or flag if someone has deceased.

Append property level grids

AFD’s solution allows your organisation to append property level geocoordinates (Latitude and Longitude to 7 decimal places, Grid Eastings and Northings) to address data to better understand its physical location, helping visualise data and better understand how to reach delivery points.

Mail sortation

AFD MailSaver helps organisations make major savings by sorting mailing data.
MailSaver’s step-by-step process sorts, reports and prints all that’s necessary for Royal Mail Bulk Mail Services. MailSaver has been fully tested by the Royal Mail to ensure it meets stringent requirements.

Email and Phone

Phone and Email data can now be validated – in bulk. Is the mobile or landline number valid or not? Is the email address valid? Refiner will get results – LIVE. This helps by confirming accurate data and flagging data that needs to be re-checked – which is a real support toward accuracy and currency of personal data – core to GDPR compliance.

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