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Upgrading to AFD Software within our student management information system was quick and easy. It just worked straight away! We use AFD's point-of-entry address validation - both online and in the admissions office - speeding up data entry and validating the addresses entered against the Royal Mail's Postcode Address File.

Andy Ross

University of Dundee

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Below you can see a quick working example of AFD’s address, email, phone and bank validation software.

Using the form below, enter your postcode or start typing an address to see results returned. If you want to validate addresses outside of the UK & Channel Islands you can enable Eircode Validation to validation Republic of Ireland addresses or International Validation to validate addresses in 250+ countries.

What3words can also be entered and the nearest PAF address returned, try ///cost.complains.angel.



Using the form below, type in a phone number (landline or mobile) and our service will confirm if it’s valid, or invalid.

Phone & Mobile


Using the form below, type in an email address and our service will confirm if the email address is valid. You will also see a detailed response indiciating if the email is likely to be a throwaway email, dummy, or spam – in some cases we can even correct spelling mistakes.



Using the form below, enter a sort code and account number to confirm if they are a valid combination.



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