The AFD range of software is carefully designed to be easy to use, and trouble free. Every product goes through an intensive testing process on every operating system we support. It is a credit to the team who develop and maintain AFD products that they work “out of the box” in tens of thousands of installations, and we receive surprisingly few customer support requests. 

Nevertheless, customers do occasionally have difficulties with new or complex installations, new programming projects, or as a result of system damage such as virus attacks. So, AFD has provided a friendly, efficient Technical Support service to ensure that everyone can get the maximum benefit from their AFD system.

AFD Technical Support is a free, unlimited service for everyone who is evaluating or using our products. Our team will help you with any aspect of the installation, configuration, programming or use of any of the AFD range of software. We’ll even do our best to help and advise with difficulties you’re having with software not our own – so long as it relates to the use of an AFD product.

The Helpdesk is staffed Monday – Friday 08:30 to 17:30 each weekday except holidays.

You can email us direct at or click the button below to submit a ticket.

You can call and speak with a technician on 01624 811712.

Outside normal working hours, emails to support are monitored each night 9-10 PM. At weekends and bank holidays (except Christmas Day) the service is extended further to additional monitoring 10-11 AM and 4-5 PM. Any urgent support requests are handled straight away (within the monitored periods) while others are held to the next working day. This service is primarily designed for AFD customers with 24/7 operations or those needing to conduct out of hours maintenance operations.

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