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Want to validate the address of properties before they are occupied?

Imagine preparing to move into a new build property but not being able to order goods and services for your new home as its address does not appear. Delivery of white goods and furniture, ordering of critical services such as energy, phone and internet cannot be processed as a valid address cannot be selected for the property’s combination of postcode and first line of address.

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Using the form below, enter a postcode or start typing an address of a new build property to see the address returned. As an example, you can try AB21 9ZD.



Not Yet Built

To avoid such scenarios, every new property (at the planning and construction stage) requires a valid address and postcode. Royal Mail’s Not Yet Built dataset works as a companion to the Postcode Address File and contains a full PAF record for properties that are the planning and construction stage.

All the UK’s local authorities work with the Royal Mail and together they work to plan street names, addresses and an official postcode for all new properties.

Over 26,000 new postcodes are assigned each year to in excess of 100,000 new properties enabling organisations to serve customers planning to move into their new homes and have everything lined up for the big day.

Once a postman confirms the new property can receive new mail, it is transferred to PAF, ensuring it remains the UK’s most up to date source of addresses.

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