Email Validation

A simple mistake in typing an email address makes it impossible for an email to reach the right recipient. For a business or service-based organisation, this can be costly to both revenue and reputation.

At AFD Software, we make it easy for you to check email addresses are live wherever they are entered, by staff or customers, using a 3-point email check system.

Bounce back
Our powerful and unique email verification service via our email verify API can return suggestions and additional insight to help inform why the email hasn’t passed the email validation check.

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When contacting students, we found multiple instances where the email addresses and phone numbers provided were wrong. Each student studying at the college provides us with £5,000 per annum of vital funding, whilst students over 18 provide £2,000. Preventing one or two students from slipping through the net, because they would otherwise miss a key communication and fail to enrol, more than covers the cost of email validation and phone validation from AFD.

Paul Brownlow

Systems Development Manager at South & City College Birmingham

How does it Work?

Email validation from AFD Software uses a 3-point check system to confirm email address are valid and “live”: 

1. Syntax – There are certain characters such ‘?’ and ‘#’ that are disallowed. Of course the ‘@’ is essential! 

2. Domain – The domain means the name of the website or service provider. For example, and are commonly used domain names. So are, – and of course!

3. Local Part – Local Part. This is the mailbox name – usually the name of the recipient (e.g. or a department (e.g.

Try It

Try AFD’s email verification API using the form below to confirm if a valid email has been entered. You will also see a detailed response indicating if the email is likely to be a throwaway email, dummy, or spam – in some cases we can even correct spelling mistakes.



Easy to Integrate

AFD’s email validation API can be flexibly deployed in a host of environments, documentation can be found here.
Plug-ins for popular platforms and languages such as Magento, Shopify, Salesforce, D365, AFD Robot, jQuery, React, and Angular provide a range of developer-free integrations.

Visit our Developer Area using the button below to find out more about our email validator API.

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