POP Scheme


AFD's POP scheme makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of our high-performance address management software by covering all costs in one affordable monthly payment.

The monthly POP scheme fee covers:

  • Program costs - including all updates
  • Data costs - including Data License fees
  • Annual postcode data and program updates
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Internet Support and Registration
  • Regular copies of Postcode News
  • Example source code, programs and macros to access postcode data
  • Any intermediate data or program updates you require


Simply follow these steps to join the POP scheme now:

  • Print the Application Form and Standing Order Form by selecting:
  • Complete all sections of each form, and sign the form in both places.
  • Send a cheque or provide your credit card details for the first month's payment.
  • Return the form (and cheque if applicable) to AFD Software at the address below

This procedure is necessary as banks require an original signature on the standing order form. If you'd prefer use our FREE Callback service or email postcode@afd.co.uk and we'll send you a pre-printed POP scheme application form.

Postal Address

Mountain View Innovation Centre
Jurby Road
Lezayre , Ramsey

Please note that AFD reserve the right to withdraw membership, or to amend terms & conditions at any time.


All AFD Postcode programs are available under the POP scheme - and you can have as many users as you require at the same unit rate. Please note that POP scheme membership is for a minimum period of twelve months: you may cancel your membership at any anniversary of joining the scheme by giving one month's notice in writing to AFD.

AFD Program Single User 10 User 20 User
AFD BankFinder £15/month/user £13/month/user Call
AFD ListMaker £99/month/user Call Call
AFD MailSaver £35/month/user Call Call
AFD Names and Numbers Call CallCall
AFD Plotter £25/month/user £22/month/user Call
AFD Pocket BankFinder £15/month/user £13/month/user Call
AFD Pocket Names and Numbers Call CallCall
AFD Pocket Postcode Plotter £25/month/user £22/month/user Call
AFD Postcode £15/month/user £13/month/user Call
AFD Postcode Plus £49/month/user £45/month/user Call
AFD Refiner Call CallCall
AFD ZipAddress £15/month/user £13/month/user Call