AFD Names and Numbers

AFD Names & Numbers is a comprehensive reference to UK names, addresses and telephone numbers.

The records of 37.6 million people (c. 10.9 million with phone numbers), full Royal Mail PAF® data    (over 31 million address records) and 2.2 million organisations ( 1.7 million with phone numbers) are at your fingertips. All compressed to a tiny 1.5GB footprint.

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There is a can-do attitude that we get with everyone at AFD, nothing is an issue, promises are kept, and this is important from a software partner – a refreshing change.

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Chief Information Officer at Axminster

Names & Numbers is used extensively for rapid, accurate capture and verification of business and residential contact data and is also used in specialist fields such as Tracing, Debt Collection, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Marketing.

AFD Names & Numbers is also a powerful tool for use in the back-end verification of customer credentials for internet web sites, e-commerce businesses and voice-activated automatic systems. For some uses, special license terms apply.

Easy to Integrate

Our wide range of integration options include: AFD’s Address validation API, Developer-free integration using our Robot technology, and we can deliver plug-ins for popular platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Salesforce and D365.

Case Study

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Through the process we were hoping to find a faster way of retrieving contact details, and a more comprehensive set of commercial and residential data – with as many phone numbers as possible.
Nigel Fieldhouse
Customer Relationship Manager
  • Save well over 80% of keystrokes entering address & contact details
  • Harness Caller Line Identity (CLI) to use phone numbers to find and enter addresses
  • Search to find contact and address details from tiny fragments of information
  • Reduce fraud by verifying people and places against UK voters lists
  • Build professional, consistent and reliable databases
  • Marketing resource – select lists, then print labels or export ready for mail merge or database use. (Subject to Data Extract Terms & Fees)

Combining Electoral Roll verification, Business names and Phone numbers – the uses are immense. Fraud reduction, integration with CLI, keystrokes for data entry reduced by well over 80%. A wealth of additional Electoral Roll and Business and Address related data included. Easy transfer of data to applications. Easy integration and generous data license conditions.

Click here for full list of data that is included in Names and Numbers.

Names & Numbers requires approx. 1.5 GB fixed disk space for a full installation, and 1.4 GB without maps. Works with Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista. Minimum 32 MB RAM recommended.

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We serve thousands of organisations and a network of hundreds of partners across multiple industry sectors, enabling them to have full confidence in their contact data.