Data Suppression Services

AFD Software’s Data Suppression Service allows your organisation to update or remove out of date and incorrect contact data records from your database that have either been entered incorrectly or degraded over time.

Clean data provides your organisation with a professional image, prevents embarrassing and upsetting mistakes, ensures communications go to the right place and contact, and ensures compliance of the latest regulations.


Article 5.1 of the GDPR states “Personal data shall be: (d) accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date; every reasonable step must be taken to ensure that personal data that are inaccurate, having regard to the purposes for which they are processed, are erased or rectified without delay”.

AFD’s new service suppresses against multiple data files for the best possible match. We categorise the datasets as the following:

  • Deceased – Gathering information on deceased individuals is rather complicated – and there are no fewer than seven different approaches to this in the UK. AFD’s suppression service gets the best possible detection rate by having access to all seven deceased files within the market!
  • Forwarding addresses – Similarly, four different Forwarding Address data sets are combined and used – allowing for the highest accuracy match of the most recent address for any individual within your contact database.
  • Goneaways – When a contact within your database has moved house and there is no forwarding address, the record can be suppressed – or flagged for manual research in case maintaining contact is vital to you. AFD’s service has access to eight separate mover files with which to compare your data.

Real world results

Liam Race, Commercial Manager at Leger Holidays; “In testing results from AFD’s service, we found the number of records suppressed was five times more than our incumbent supplier. Initially, the results seemed too good to be true so we spent a week manually checking each suppression – and were staggered by the accuracy! Each year we send over one million brochures to our customer base so accuracy is essential. Prior to upgrading to AFD, we were burning through money, sending brochures to people that we either had poor data for, had moved, or had died. This has been minimised since the introduction of AFD’s address validation, cleansing and data suppressions solutions. I’d highly recommend using AFD to achieve better accuracy, higher levels of suppression and regaining trust in your data”.


Upgrade to accuracy today!

In three simple steps you can have a full picture of your data quality:

  1. Upload your data sample to our secure file transfer protocol
  2. Our Data Quality Consultants will review and process your file
  3. You will receive a comprehensive report of how the data can be improved, and the associated costs.

Routine upload schemes can be set up for regular cleansing from this point.

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