Business Data

AFD’s Business data helps organisations quickly find and validate businesses by their name or any fragment of address. AFD’s rich business dataset is able to return further information about the business either at the point of entry (address lookup) or by appending to an existing database.

Business data includes:
  • Location Type
  • Branch Count
  • Group ID
  • Turnover
  • National Size
  • Standard Industry Classification (SIC)
  • Business Sector

Business data including turnover, number of staff and sector from AFD has enabled us to quickly and correctly classify our customers. We now know who our customers are and can ensure that they receive the correct levels of service.”.

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Using the form below, enter a postcode or start typing an address to see the businesses at that address and the additional data returned.



Business Data

Easy to Integrate

AFD’s Business Data can be returned within our Address Lookup Solution which has a wide range of integration options including: AFD’s Address validation API, Developer-free integration using our Robot technology, and we can deliver plug-ins for popular platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Salesforce and D365.

Our Database Cleansing solutions can also append the data to existing databases.

  • Save over 80% of keystrokes entering business address & contact details
  • Understand your customer base by profiling the data and managing them appropriately
  • Search to find business name, address and business data from any address fragment
  • Build professional, consistent and reliable databases
  • Create accurate marketing lists based on business sector, turnover, employee size.

Combining Royal Mail PAF data, Business names and Phone numbers delivers the ideal solution for your business data accuracy requirements.

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