Address lookup from AFD with ///what3words data


AFD’s address lookup solution can now find addresses by entering a what3words location. When entered, AFD’s solution returns the nearest property-level address.

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Using the form below, enter your what3words e.g. ///cost.complains.angel to see the nearest PAF addresses returned.

You can also enable “Location” which uses GPS co-ordinates from your device to enhance What3Word functionality. 

     Address Lookup


Adding the what3words functionality to AFD’s address lookup solution helps organisations improve customer address data capture during the checkout process on e-commerce websites. Logistics companies benefit by having an extra layer of data to get their drivers to the exact delivery location which isn’t always the property.

Imagine the scenario of a customer wanting to quickly specify where they want their parcel delivered. They enter the what3words of the exact 3×3 metre delivery location which could be a hard-to-find address, specific access point, garage, shed, or safe place.

AFD’s solution lists the closest, valid addresses to the what3words location for the customer to select, the delivery driver is then equipped with two pieces of data to ensure a successful delivery:


  1. An accurate address for their
    mapping system of choice

  2. Once at the delivery address, they have the what3words to be able to return the exact 3x3m grid the customer has specified.

Address Lookup with Maps

Once an address has been selected using AFD’s address validation API, property level latitude and longitude data can be returned to show the exact location on a map. This location can then be edited by simply dragging the “pin” on your chosen mapping software if a delivery needs to not be at the front door or the address has multiple buildings.

See more information here.


Documentation on how to integrate what3words with our API can be seen here.

Instructions on how to enable what3words in AFD’s jQuery plugin can be found here.

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