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With AFD solutions, one simple question "What's your postcode?" reduces call queues, makes staff more productive and gives your organisation a more professional image. Accurate address data means delivered goods, easy analysis and less time solving the problems caused by poor address data.

Rapid address entry, complex address cleansing, tracing debtors, validating bank, account and card details - AFD has a wide range of solutions proven in thousands of organisations and designed to work with the software you use every day.

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AFD Postcode Plus - Cut costs, Secure income, Improve service

Hundreds of Universities & Colleges improve service, reduce internal costs and secure income by improving the quality of student contact data. Could your firm do the same with AFD Postcode Plus?

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AFD Mailsaver - Save All You Can on Postage

Royal Mail says many small to medium size organisations are missing out on postage discounts of up to 35%. How could a small investment in AFD MailSaver lead to a significant cost saving for your firm?

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AFD Refiner - Improve Data Quality, Identify Duplicates

One way to reduce waste and postage costs is to ensure that poor quality address data is improved or removed prior to mailing and that duplicate records are identified and removed. AFD Refiner does this and it's affordable, easy to use and effective. Don't take our word for it. Ask for a demonstration.

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