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AFD Software and Tribal Partnership


AFD Software helps over 90 Universities to validate and cleanse student contact data.

We have partnered with Tribal for 10 years to deliver our solutions integrated within Tribals student records systems.

AFD’s full range of solutions  that are integrated into SITS and e:Vision include:

  • Address, phone, and email validation
  • Address, email, and phone cleansing
  • International address validation and cleansing

Customer feedback – The University of Dundee


The University of Dundee has been running independently since 1967 and are ranked in the top 10 in the UK for student satisfaction. We spoke to Andy Ross, Service Delivery Manager to find out how AFD Software’s address management software is helping the University maintain data quality and the benefits of upgrading to AFD.

Key benefits over competitor solution

The University of Dundee uncovered a range of benefits that came with upgrading to AFD Software.

AFD offer a hosted solution which means that we are not required to use valuable IT resources manually updating our datasets.

User interface with AFD is significantly quicker, having the ability to search by address fragment is especially useful for students that partially know their address.

We reduced cost by moving to AFD who offer a flexible, simplified payment model which means we pay for what we will use and it’s very clear.

With our previous solution, there was a general unawareness of what was being licensed. Every time staff moved roles there would be a period of reaffirming our address validation solution. Since upgrading to AFD and moving to a hosted solution, we now have no license worries at all.”

Swift change – minimal resources

Upgrading to AFD Software within our SITS/eVision system took the best part of a couple of hours. It just worked straight away. We needed to do some work within our online forms as we were now offering an online postcode lookup. The solution works straight out the box, but we needed to spend some time reorganising the structure of the forms so the postcode question was asked first rather than last. The actual postcode popup screen just worked with some small configuration changes made once globally.

Impact Assessments

Our impact assessments were done within our Business Services team. We analysed which departments used postcode lookup and what systems used it. As only one system used the postcode validation, we met with users to explain the reasoning and what would change. This process only took 2-3 weeks from start to finish.

We would strongly encourage any other University to move to AFD Software. Technical support is good, and they have strong knowledge of Tribal products across the board.

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