Salesforce Integration - AFD Software

Integrate AFD’s address and email validation with Salesforce to help ensure customer and supporter contact details are entered quickly and accurately.

This application brings AFD Software’s market-leading data validation tools into a simple to use Salesforce app. It can be used 'out of the box' on the default Salesforce Accounts, Contacts and Leads pages with little set-up.

  • Save 80% of keystrokes entering addresses
  • Ensure email addresses are 'live'
  • Help ensure communications are delivered accurately
  • Eliminate spelling mistakes
  • Create a professional image on all correspondence
  • Quick and easy integration with the default Accounts, Contacts and Leads forms

Address Validation

AFD’s address lookup within Salesforce allow users to utilise either postcode finder or address finder functionality.

Postcode search results in a list of the addresses at the postcode entered. Address search by entering the first line of the address will return the matching addresses.

Email Address Validation

AFD’s live email validation in Salesforce performs a live check on the email address entered to verify the email address and avoid vital communications not landing.

Getting Started

To get started, contact us using the form below to request a test and development license.


Then install our app into your SalesForce account, access the AFD PCE app in the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the screen and input your AFD credentials and follow the setup instructions in the user guide.