SROC 2023

AFD Software attended the SROC 23 conference in March to meet our 100+ customers in the HE sector that currently rely on AFD’s address lookup, email validation and phone validation solutions. We also met with Universities that do not currently use AFD’s data validation solutions.

We ran polls on each day with the following questions and results:

On the first day of SROC we asked; “What is the biggest source of poor-quality data at your institution?”

A) Students
B) Staff

We had a clear winner with A) Students receiving 62% of votes, followed by B) Staff with 27% of the votes, and C) UCAS receiving 11% of the votes.

On the second day of SROC we asked delegates; “How do you rate the quality of your student contact data?”

A) Excellent
B) Needs Improvement
C) Poor

Thanks to all the participants, B) Needs Improvement was the landslide winner receiving 62% of votes, followed by C) Poor with 25% of the votes, and A) Excellent receiving 13% of the votes. Clearly AFD customers voted for A!

AFD Software helps over 100 Universities validate and/or cleanse student address, email, and phone data. Contact one of our specialists today to find out how we can help improve poor quality at your institution.

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