Geolocate, Geocode and Boundaries

Identifying the closest delivery address to your current location by harnessing the GPS in your computer or mobile device, allows accurate address information to be entered with one touch or button press.


AFD’s Geolocate functionality is our biggest recent step forward in removing the need for manual data entry. By using the GPS in your mobile device, we can instantly return your address with pinpoint accuracy. You can see the functionality working in our demo video. How does it work?

From the customers latitude and longitude, we return the correct address, in the correct format, at lightning speed. The benefits include:

  1. Remove manual data entry
  2. Full PAF matched address
  3. Pinpoint delivery location
  4. Minimise cart abandonment


Geocoding is the process of appending latitude and longitude to an address to better understand its physical location, helping visualise data and better understand how to reach delivery points. AFD provides latitude and longitude coordinates at different address levels including town, postcode and property level, providing a pinpoint location on your chosen mapping tool. Benefits of geocoding address data include:

  1. Geofences – provide updates on deliveries
  2. Identifying property location – when free mapping tools let you down
  3. Insurance risks – flood plains, pylons, mining
  4. Fraud prevention – understand transactions in relation to cardholder location

To clarify the difference, Geolocation is the current location of a device being used by the customer via GPS. Whereas Geocoding is the appending of a correct latitude and longitude to an address to help physically identify the property.


Geospatial data allows organisations to not only understand property boundaries but also the correct address linked to that boundary based on the best available data sources

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