New Address Lookup Add-on - what3words

Did you know that some of the nation’s favourite retailers and largest logistics firms such as AO, Ikea, and DPD rely on AFD Software? Each day, millions of delivery addresses pass through our highly sophisticated routines for automated validation and correction.

The powerful AFD logic transforms sometimes poor delivery addresses into precise locations even as parcels make their way late at night in large container trucks to central distribution hubs. The processes are lightning fast, reliable, and accurate – resulting in precision scheduling, logical routing, and on-time delivery of goods.

"But what if I'm not in?"

It’s not unusual for customers to be out or for addresses to have obscure entrances. Delivery instructions such as “leave in shed” or “behind the garage” or “access to Daisy Lea Lane from the Halifax Road direction” all help – but can be confusing. 

Now, AFD is offering an add-on option to its address validation solutions so that the shed, garage, or entrance location can be precisely geocoded. The add-on data is called what3words and enables any 3-metre grid, anywhere on earth to be identified with a unique combination of 3 words, for example; ///impose.title.pulse.

How Does what3words Work?

A customer wanting to select a specific delivery spot that is not their front door, or help the driver identify a hard-to-find property entrance, types in the what3words location and AFD lists the closest property level addresses– for the user to select the correct one. This enables AFD to take the driver to the right address with the additional benefit of the precise geographic co-ordinates for the obscure entrance, shed or garage. 

What's the Benefit?

The driver no longer has to hunt for the exact delivery location and the customer no longer has to hunt for the goods. With multi-drop deliveries, every efficiency makes a difference and for retailers, greater customer satisfaction builds reputation and repeat business.

“Working with AFD on our partnership has been incredibly easy. The team had a clear understanding of the technical requirements and were able to roll out the integration incredibly quickly – always responding to our questions and acting on our feedback as soon as possible. So now with what3words and AFD, you can be sure to get the most precise and accurate address” Phoebe Parry-Crooke, Partnerships Lead

To purchase this add-on for your CRM system or website, contact the team at AFD Software today at 01624 811711 or email

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