Who are we?

The AFD Group is a group of privately-owned and managed businesses, based at the exciting Mountain View Innovation Centre near Ramsey, Isle of Man. Operations began in Scotland in 1983 as a home-based operation, largely involved in the supply of computer systems and office equipment.

Our current operations include the development and supply of Address Management Software, Children’s Animated TV & DVD Series, Holiday and Events Facilities as well as Property and Facilities Management.

In 1997 the business HQ moved to Ramsey, Isle of Man, and due to continued growth, has moved three times since arriving on the Island, establishing the Isle of Man’s first Technology Park at Mountain View in 2015. We also operate our businesses from other locations in the UK, Western France and Texas, USA.

The AFD business has been profitable since 1985, and together currently turns over more than £10 million pounds per annum across the various businesses in the group.

You can learn more about AFD here.

What do we do?

AFD Software, “The Postcode People” are best known as the go-to specialists in the development and sale of rapid, accurate address validation software. This technology helps computer users quickly enter address and banking data into all sorts of applications, databases and web sites – not only saving time, but ending up with much more reliable data. Thousands of organisations use our solutions to save them time, money, and to provide the best possible service for their customers and clients.

You’re likely to find software like ours in use on web sites when you order online, when you ring up for an insurance quotation, when buying or selling a house or when making a holiday or theatre booking. Schools and colleges use our products in student administration and hospitals to help keep patient records accurate. Charities rely on AFD products to help them efficiently manage their donor records and banks use them as part of "Know your Customer" procedures.

Our products and services make any data which includes addresses, people or banks vastly more efficient and reliable.

All our Address management products are described in detail at www.afd.co.uk

You can find out more about other AFD Group companies on the following web sites:

Why work at AFD?

There are lots of reasons why people work – and they are not all about earning money! It's fair to say that working for AFD is challenging – we set ourselves very high standards – but it's also rewarding: financially, in personal development and the knowledge of a worthwhile job done well. AFD places great value on its staff; there is no doubt that they are by far our most important asset.

Anyone can rise to senior roles with or without specific qualifications. Put simply, our staff get to do what they are best at, and no-one needs to be promoted away from this in order to get recognition. AFD’s culture is based around honesty, integrity, hard work and making happy customers. Staff have a genuine interest in serving our customers and finding solutions to their needs – and our customers love it!.

Training and mentoring are key benefits to working at AFD. With staff development being a core business objective, your skills and abilities will grow both in and outside of work and your Line Manager will guide you on this well-walked path. We invest heavily in our commitment to life-long-learning and personal development – in which AFD encourages on-the-job, distance-learning and off-the-job training for all its employees, covering training costs and expenses for approved courses.

Being a technology company, AFD Software utilises the latest innovations and available technologies to help staff get the job done. By investing heavily in our hardware and systems that keep it working well we make sure our customers keep receiving our services and our staff are always able to serve them.

The AFD business is founded on objectives which recognise its role in society – local, national and international – and takes an active role at all levels. In just one initiative, at the end of each year in November or December, AFD holds its Annual Charity Event which celebrates staff-nominated donations to a range of charities, with each annual event typically celebrating AFD donations in excess of £1M per annum. These donations go to support a wide range of local, UK and international charities, including those involved in medical care and research, disaster relief, youth work and work amongst those with disabilities.

AFD Staff enjoy a generous salary and benefits package. All AFD employees are paid above the National Living Wage. Not only are our salary rates highly competitive, we offer:

  • A generous paid holiday allowance - which increases by one day for every complete year of service - with no limit!
  • The opportunity each year to donate at least £500 to a charity chosen by the staff member – at no cost to them.
  • A commitment to sensible pensions with generous employer contributions.

In addition, Isle of Man employees may enjoy additional benefits available under Isle of Man employment legislation, including:

  • A monthly tax-free grocery voucher scheme.
  • A Company Electric Vehicle Scheme (after qualifying service).
  • A Loyal-Staff Interest-Free Mortgage Scheme (after qualifying service).

More than a Job

We know how to have fun! Twice a year, our entire team spends a week together at Mountain View for staff meetings and team building activities. With some of our team spread across the UK, it is essential to create stronger bonds and working relationships with different teams. AFD recognises great value in these times – and has organised a range of events – from treasure-hunts to go-kart derbies, raft building to a litter-picking competition – and team members’ families often get invited too. Our Charity night is a personal highlight for many in the team who themselves are involved in the charities benefitting – closely followed by our staff Christmas party and, of course, the “Secret Santa”!

In addition to organised get-togethers, AFD staff regularly meet socially outside of work as groups of friends or department teams.

We’re not all just about fun and games, though - the UK team also gets together to help a local charity in Bradford, we support staff involvement in approved charities with company resources, and regularly provide staff time, venues and other resources to help encourage and mentor the next generation in their education.

Sometimes we just cry together. When you’ve lived and worked together for decades, tragedies do sometimes come along. It is nice to know that your workmates (and employer!) are there as a listening ear – or ready to lend a practical hand when the going is tough, illness strikes or family members are under pressure.

The Company has appointed a company chaplain to be available as an additional independent listening ear for our staff.

Working locations

More Than Just a Job

AFD Headquarters are just outside Ramsey, Isle of Man in a stunning rural location, with views of the Island’s Mountain – including the famous Mountain Course of the Isle of Man TT and other motor sport events. Mountain View Innovation Centre is one of the most resilient technology parks in the world. AFD Location Map

The site is home to Babbage’s licensed bistro, dedicated fitness facilities and recreational area. including a pool table, table tennis and other table games. The developing gardens and landscape at Mountain View has a variety of walks and paths for those who want to exercise outside – or just taken in the fresh air - and there are showers on site afterwards! Mountain View has ample space for car parking on site set in 25 acres of green space with wonderful open views to the hills, and a set of staff allotment beds. AFD encourages employee families to share all these spaces at mealtimes and for family events.

More Than Just a Job

Core business functions including Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Finance, Customer Support, Infrastructure, Customer Administration and Properties teams are all based at Mountain View.

Job Opportunities

AFD Group

AFD SOFTWARE LTD – Apprenticeship Opportunities

Are you an exceptional, highly-motivated young person with a passion for technology?

AFD Software, “The Postcode People”, think that investing in people – especially young people – is a great way to grow talent: indeed it fulfils a company objective “To provide high quality employment and learning opportunities for our staff and help them to grow in skills and as people.”

An AFD Software Apprenticeship is a vocational route to qualifications and genuine workplace experience and may be a great alternative to a full-time course of study, especially in these uncertain times.

If you have a passion for technology and want to make a real difference through your own everyday job; if you wish to work hard in an environment where you will quickly learn and grow through on-the-job and formal training, then an Apprenticeship with the highly successful AFD Group could be for you.

Successful candidates will be based at the exciting Mountain View Innovation Centre just outside Ramsey – the Isle of Man’s leading Technology hub – and will join a community of businesses who care deeply about the environment, people and society.

Please click here for details and how to apply.

Closing date for applications is 11th August 2021

MVIC - Part-Time Cleaner/Housekeeper

Are you a self-motivated individual with a high level of attention to detail? Do you get satisfaction from a job well done? Would you enjoy being part a team which delivers the highest standards in presentation of quality venues and workspaces?

If so, we have an opportunity for you to make a valuable contribution to our first class venues and properties portfolio as part of our friendly AFD Properties Team.

We are looking for two part-time cleaners / housekeepers, each available to work a minimum of 12 hours per week , based on 3 early weekday evenings and one early morning per weekend each. You should be flexible and able to work occasional additional hours according to demand. The work will be hourly paid, with a generous benefits package.

The role will be based in the vibrant, modern and friendly working environment at the biosphere award-winning Mountain View Innovation Centre (“MVIC”) and will include work at other properties in the AFD Group portfolio around Ramsey. All essential cleaning equipment and materials will be provided.

Please click here for details and how to apply.

Closing date for this application is 9th August 2021.

MVIC - Apprentice Groundskeeper/Gardener

Are you a hard-working individual with a passion for plants wanting to embark upon a career in Horticulture and Property Maintenance? Would you like to be sponsored to study for a horticulture qualification while you earn a salary and gain practical work experience in a stunning location?

If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you to embark upon a two year Apprenticeship and join our friendly AFD group Properties Team at Mountain View Innovation Centre, just outside Ramsey.

During the programme, the successful candidate will work as part of our Properties Team on our 25 acres site and portfolio of properties in a variety of areas which will include horticultural, machinery and property maintenance, in order to gain a wide range of practical experience and learning opportunities. They will also be expected to complete a suitable Horticultural further education course through UCM during their apprenticeship over a two-year period, by part-time attendance at college and self-directed home study.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate a genuine interest in horticulture. Self-motivation in workplace tasks, personal development and knowledge acquisition are essential as the Apprenticeship Programme is deliberately designed to be demanding.

This Apprenticeship is a demanding, full-time commitment which requires a willingness to work according to task requirements or training course timings, from a base of normal working hours of 9:00am to 5:30pm Monday-Friday, but outside these hours if required.

In addition to a full-time salary and benefits package, agreed training costs will be covered by the company.

The recruitment process for this post will include an aptitude test and may also include a week’s paid on-the-job trial.

Please click here for details and how to apply.

Closing date for applications is 13th August 2021.