AFD 2023 Charity Presentation

A very warm welcome to AFD’s 2023 charity evening and our celebration of 40 years in business.

When AFD started in 1983, in the loft of a 2-bed semi in a Scottish village, the Internet was five months old – but most people had never heard of it. Most correspondence took at least 48 hours by exchange of post – though there were a few fax machines around and big firms had Telex. If it was super-urgent and important you could still send a telegram!

Fast-forward 40 years and we get antsy if we don’t have a reply to our email in half an hour – and we can Zoom, Teams-call, Skype, WhatsApp or IM all-day long. Nevertheless, the foundation of commercial interaction and the delivery of products and services, efficiently and accurately, usually requires precision and accuracy about an Address – and that’s what has been at the core of AFD’s enterprise for over 40 years. Our success is the reason we can hold this celebration tonight.

Our 40+ strong team have worked hard and with excellence to generate over a million pounds to gift to around 80 charities listed in this brochure – in direct accordance with one of our company objectives “To generate profits, and to use them creatively in the relief of suffering, the improvement of society and furtherance of the Christian gospel”.

In celebrating our role in enabling so many heroic and dedicated people across the world as they strive to bring hope and light to an increasingly dark world, we acknowledge the dedication of our team, their culture of “Making Happy Customers” and ensuring that in choosing AFD products and services everyone can be a winner – customers, suppliers, employees, our community – and as celebrated here, the wider reaches of society.

Every team member is highly valued and has had the opportunity to nominate an organisation to receive a gift from AFD. The many very personal stories behind these nominations, highlight their experience and priorities.

As “The Postcode People” celebrate 40 years of helping organisations improve the quality and efficiency of their contact address lists, we hope that you will enjoy this informal evening with us.

We celebrate the incredible organisations listed in these pages – and the amazing ways in which they make this world a much better place.

Act Ministries

Act Ministries provide healthcare, health education and clean water to rural communities in Northwest Cambodia. This year they have completed a project to secure a water source to a rural community as well as providing training for a Cambodian surgeon, who is now undertaking a scholarship in Vietnam.

As the charity embarks on health screening in another village, the donation from AFD will be used to purchase blood pressure monitors and glucose machines to support this.

Alzheimer’s Research UK

Alzheimer’s Research UK stand for everyone affected by dementia. Since being founded in 1992, the scientists they fund have made significant breakthroughs in dementia research but there is still more to do to see a world free from the fear, harm and heartbreak of dementia and the diseases that cause it.

The donation from AFD will be directed towards funding research projects around the UK to build a better understanding of brain health and ultimately prevent more cases of dementia before they start.

Alzheimer’s Society – Isle of Man

Through their support-line, online and print information, expert dementia advisors and online community, the Alzheimer’s Society give advice and practical guidance for the next steps as people living with dementia navigate the hardest times of their lives.

With dementia being one of the biggest health and social challenges of our time, the donation from AFD will be used towards helping provide vital support to those who need it most, to hold decision-makers to account and to fund groundbreaking research.

The Aquila Foundation

The Foundation supports new Christian gospel churches in Scotland by facilitating the purchase and subsequent leasing of buildings to the churches, to allow them a seven-day community reach. Once established, the church is then able to re purchase the building at cost.

The donation from AFD has not only given confidence to other financial supporters but will, along with other committed funds, enable the foundation to complete their first purchase project before the end of 2023.

Autism in Mann

Established in 1991, the charity aims to promote a greater understanding and awareness of those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder, whilst also providing help and support to their parents and carers.

The donation from AFD is being put towards the continued funding of a special needs teacher who works with the Department of Education, supporting children with autism.

Baby Moses Children’s Sanctuary

Clothing, feeding and helping to educate 120 children at 6 homes, the sanctuary cares for abused, abandoned and orphaned children of all ages in Gauteng and the North West Province in South Africa.

AFD’s donation will provide meaningful support towards nutrition, medication and education for a 3-month period.

Beach Buddies Isle of Man

An award-winning charity formed in 2006, Beach Buddies is focused on setting world standards in beach cleaning and furthermore educating others to carry that message forward and take action.

The donation from AFD will be directed towards the funding of their education program which encourages the younger generation to be active in both environmental and marine protection.

The Bonar Trust

The Bonar Trust exists to provide support to individuals and churches across Scotland to develop future leaders. This is primarily achieved through means-tested grants as well as practical ministry training to individuals and churches.

AFD’s donation is supporting the provision of vital grants to eligible ministry apprentices, church leaders in training and women in ministry who otherwise would struggle to meet the essential costs of living whilst focusing on their vocation and training.

Breakout Trust – Sorted Magazine

The Bonar Trust exists to provide support to individuals and churches across Scotland to develop future leaders. This is primarily achieved through means-tested grants as well as practical ministry training to individuals and churches.

AFD’s donation is supporting the provision of vital grants to eligible ministry apprentices, church leaders in training and women in ministry who otherwise would struggle to meet the essential costs of living whilst focusing on their vocation and training.

British Heart Foundation – Wave Wrangler Expedition

In December, Elliot Awin representing Wave Wrangler, will undertake ‘The World’s Toughest Row’ to raise awareness and funds via the British Heart Foundation for those living with arrhythmia; a condition Elliot lives with and requires a pacemaker to maintain a regular heart rhythm.

The donation from AFD will be used by the British Heart Foundation to support their charitable mission of investing over £1billion in cardiovascular research over the next 10 years to support those affected by heart and circulatory diseases.


With a presence in 165 countries, the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development are a member of a global church network, making them part of one of the largest aid networks in the world. Working through local churches, they are able to help some of the most difficult to reach people in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

The donation from AFD will be channelled to their long-term aid projects which equip people with the skills, tools and opportunities to live with dignity, support their families and give back to their communities.


Christian Action Research and Education is a well-established mainstream Christian charity providing
resources and helping to bring Christian insight and experience to matters of public policy and practical caring initiatives across the UK.

The donation from AFD will be used primarily to support 15 recent graduates to undertake their Leadership Programme to equip them to be salt and light in our culture. They will further use the donation to continue to work to strengthen legislation around vulnerable groups of people across the UK and the Isle of Man.

The Children’s Centre

In conjunction with schools, families, healthcare and other third sector organisations, The Children’s Centre currently works with around 120 children and young people a week. Their aim is to turn difficult life experiences into brighter futures for children, young people and their families in the Isle of Man.

The donation from AFD will be used to purchase ingredients to continue supporting their Breakfast Club initiative. To date this initiative has resulted in a third of all children attending the Centre, who previously would have otherwise started the day on an empty stomach, are now accessing and enjoying a healthy hearty breakfast.

Christian Concern

Helping Christians to play their part in society, primarily in the UK, Christian Concern speak of Jesus Christ and his vision for life, especially as it relates to current issues of public policy and debate. They aim to empower Christians to be compassionate and courageous ambassadors even in the face of challenges and opposition for doing so.

The support from AFD has been used to equip Christians and local churches to live and speak boldly for Jesus in their cultural context, and to grow and develop their Wilberforce Academy, which prepares young people to be a faithful voice and provide servant hearted, Christ-centred leadership in their communities, churches and more specifically within their chosen vocations.

The Christian Institute

A non-denominational charity working in the UK to uphold the truths of the Bible, The Christian Institute support individual Christians and churches by providing key information on strategic issues and helping those facing discrimination because of their faith.

The AFD donation will be used to help meet the costs of current projects such as their new teaching series for 11-16 year olds called ‘Living Christianity Youth’ which aims to challenge young Christians to live out their calling as salt and light in the world.

Christian Resource Exhibition

CRE provides a platform where churches can find the resources they need to fulfil their work in the community and wider world. Their exhibitions see hundreds of exhibitors reaching thousands of local church leaders and officers with their unique range of resources.

The donation from AFD is being used to provide a bursary for exhibiting organisations that have may otherwise not be able to afford to attend the exhibitions.

Christians Against Poverty 

Through a team of more than 400 dedicated staff members and hundreds of partner churches across the UK, Christians Against Poverty’s vision is to see transformed lives, thriving churches and an end to UK poverty.

AFD’s donation will be used to help support the work being undertaken to address the Cost-of-Living crisis including the revamp of their free ‘Money Coaching’ course, the development of their main debt advice service and the adoption of a new platform to help more people access crucial support when they need it.

Clatterbridge Cancer Charity

The only dedicated charity supporting The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, they fund life-saving research, invest in leading technology, enhance the patient environment and enable innovations in care which make a real difference to the lives of local people affected by cancer across Merseyside, Cheshire and the Isle of Man.

The AFD donation will support the lunch club in the teenage and young adult unit for a 10-week period. This provides an opportunity for those attending to meet other young people with cancer and share their experiences and offer encouragement to each other.

Cornhill Scotland

Cornhill Scotland was established in 2006 to promote the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Scotland, the UK and beyond, by training leaders to serve the 21st century church.

With 50 students currently enrolled on the training courses offered, the donation from AFD is being used to fund an additional member of the teaching team to allow them to meet the teaching demands of the current students and of those future students looking to enrol.

Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation

The focus of Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation is to raise the necessary funding to enable heart screening of men and women between the ages of 14 and 35 in the Isle of Man in order to detect any possible symptoms of Hypertrophic and Dilated Cardiomyopathy and thus prevent Sudden Death Syndrome. They also provide lifesaving defibrillator machines across the Isle of Man.

The AFD donation will be put towards the fund to provide more defibrillators within schools, sports clubs and offices across the Island.

Crimestoppers Isle of Man

Associated with Crimestoppers Trust which has operated in the UK for over 33 years, Crimestoppers Isle of Man’s mission is to reduce crime and keep the Island’s communities safe.

The donation from AFD will be used to assist an upcoming awareness campaign to encourage people to understand that they have the power to speak up to stop crime, 100% anonymously.

Cross-Links Dover

Operating from a shop premises in a Dover housing estate, Cross-Links Dover is a churches’ initiative offering a range of activities and services for the benefit of all people regardless of age, faith or personal circumstances, with a vision to increasing the strength and effectiveness of community life.

The donation from AFD has helped towards refurbishing the current building to provide a new coffee shop for the community and a technical hub facility for homework groups, CV writing etc.


Established in 1988, Crossroads provides support to carers and people with care needs no matter their disability, age or illness. They are the leading provider of practical and emotional support for carers in the Isle of Man.

This year is the 25th anniversary of the charity’s Young Carers Service and so the donation from AFD will be used to treat all the young carers aged between 5 and 18; something they don’t experience often and a chance for them to feel special and appreciated.

Educate the kids

The vision held by Educate the Kids is to see children in Africa, who are living in poverty, to have their needs met, their rights upheld, and their dreams fulfilled; they believe this can be achieved through education.

The donation from AFD will be used to buy their first interactive white board which will provide a better learning environment for the many children within the school.

Essential Christian

Essential Christian serves many organisations, helping to resource and inspire Christians and local churches through events, holidays, books, music and professional services. Their main focus is running the annual Spring Harvest event over the Easter holidays in Skegness and Minehead, which attracts and connects many thousands of people at the event itself and online.

The AFD donation supports the team in continuing their missional work of Spring Harvest which upholds their ministry and sees more people come to faith in Jesus and be catalysts for change.

Evangelical Alliance

Since 1846, Evangelical Alliance have been dedicated to serving the UK church, creating an alliance of evangelicals to share the gospel, lifting voices of hope and building unity across the Church.

The donation from AFD will help to build their membership, ensuring that the charity’s mission statement of ‘together making Jesus known’ will reach further, be spoken louder and confidently carry the hope and promise of Jesus.

The Faraday Institute for Science & Religion

The Faraday Institute exists to help shed new light on life’s big questions through academically rigorous research in science and religion and to disseminate this research in meaningful, engaging and potentially life-changing ways to a range of audiences, of any faith or none; ultimately to catalyse a change in the understanding of the relationship between science and religion.

During 2024, the Institute plans to run science and religion courses in India, Egypt and Japan; the donation from AFD will be used towards the funding of this work.

Gather Movement

Gather Movement enables churches to work together in unity to bring about social, spiritual and cultural transformation. This year they have been working to
connect church unity movements with the health services in their respective communities to support better mental health outcomes.

The donation from AFD will be used to provide funding to serve the M10 regions allowing Gather Movement to connect with M10 mayors and unity groups and help them in supporting the most vulnerable people across their cities.

The GB Trust

The GB Trust supports a vast range of community work and projects managed by the Kabubbu Development Project in rural Uganda. This year they have been supporting post-graduates in acquiring accreditation, permits or extra qualifications leading to work opportunities.

The donation from AFD will be used to renovate the school facilities and to provide resources to prepare the school for the new academic year.

Graih Ministries

Carrying on the excellent work of the charity, Graih, Graih Ministries facilitated by Broadway Baptist Church provide a drop-in and community pastoral service for homeless people on the Isle of Man. They provide a warm welcome, a hot meal, shower facilities and help with various needs.

The AFD donation will be used to support the drop-in service, which is the main access point for all their services and will allow the team to continue caring for some of the Island’s most vulnerable people.

The Great North Air Ambulance

Operating as a helicopter emergency service in the north of England and the Isle of Man, The Great North Air Ambulance attend critically ill patients and treat them on scene with the highest level of care before transferring them to the nearest critical care hospital.

The donation from AFD will to be used towards keeping the team in the sky benefitting residents and visitors in the Isle of Man, providing the reassurance that the service remains available, should they ever need it.

Guts UK Charity

Guts UK exists to bring about important change in helping people understand the digestive system from top to tail; the gut, liver and pancreas.

The AFD donation will be put towards providing expert information, raising public awareness and to help fund
life-changing and life-saving research.

Hands of Hope

Founded on Christian faith and based in NE Romania, Hands of Hope seek to help vulnerable and disadvantaged people by providing social and educational support.

The donation from AFD will be used to fund educational projects in Romania and Ukraine. This will allow the charity to plan and commit to their ongoing program of educational support ensuring the trend of children now achieving higher grades and seeking further education can be maintained.


HEART UK – The Cholesterol Charity, is the only charity in the UK dedicated to supporting people with raised cholesterol and other blood fat and lipid conditions. Their aim is to prevent avoidable and early deaths caused by cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

The donation from AFD will be used to support their commitment to raising awareness about the risks of high cholesterol, lobbying for better detection of those at risk and supporting health professionals with training needs.

Heroes on the Water IOM

Delivering a safe place to visit, HOW IOM, provide physical and therapeutic rehabilitation for military veterans and blue lights services to regain their freedom and confidence, whilst being able to relax and unwind with others who understand them through their own experiences.

AFD’s donation will support the charity in providing activities such as kayaking, sailing, carriage driving, boat trips and green and blue therapy to their service users.

Hope for Justice

Existing to end modern slavery by preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring life and reforming society, Hope for Justice is fighting human trafficking and helping survivors all around the world.

With an estimated 50 million people trapped in conditions of modern slavery in the world today, the donation from AFD was used to support and uphold the charity in continuing to tackle the ongoing challenges and to change the lives of individuals who have suffered or are at risk of exploitation.

Hope Lebedyn

Working in Lebedyn, a small rural town within Sumy, one of the poorest regions of Ukraine, Hope Lebedyn distributes aid, meals and gospels, bibles or tracts have been given to refugees, soldiers and families as they work to bring the Christian message of faith and hope to Lebedyn.

AFD’s donation is being used to directly support the work of the team supporting those suffering as a result of the war in Ukraine.

Hospice Isle of Man

Also marking a 40-year anniversary, Hospice Isle of Man, offer the highest standard of clinical care, the latest in pain relief drugs and techniques, whilst also developing a range of services that enable people to live well through meeting their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

The donation from AFD will support the running costs of the Island’s Hospice, helping them to be able to provide their services free of charge to those who need it, ensuring they are able to live well, their way, until the end of their lives.

International Justice Mission UK

IJM UK is a global organisation working to stop slavery and violence. They work with local authorities to bring people to safety, support survivors with trauma informed care, hold perpetrators to account and strengthen justice systems so that people are protected in the first place.

With AFD’s support, further work is now being done in the Philippines, the epicentre for the problem of the online exploitation of children, where funds will be used to support 110 survivors for an entire year; providing meals, medical care and other vital support. Additional funding from AFD has separately enabled an urgent campaign to stop forced scamming in the Asia Pacific region, supporting the IJM team to respond on the frontlines and then deliver after care for over 350 survivors.

Isaiah 61 Movement

Launched in March 2023 after two years in development and trials, the mission of the Isaiah 61 Movement is for every Christian to be confident in sharing their faith with others; to freely provide the tools and support to give them confidence to build friendships, share their faith journey and invite people to experience Jesus for themselves.

AFD’s donation will help to support the movement as they continue to build their resources particularly in the development of their monthly i61@home videos; a series which churches can watch together and grow confidence in sharing about Jesus.

Isle Listen

Through early intervention and prevention, Isle Listen support children and young people up to the age of 25 via their educational program in schools and one-to-one therapeutic support. They aim to equip the Island’s young people with the skills and resilience to navigate the mental health and emotional challenges of 21st century life.

AFD’s donation will support the delivery of workshops,   projects and the listening service that they provide in all secondary schools and 28 out of the 33 primary schools on the Isle of Man.

Isle of Man Agricultural Benevolent Trust

Founded in 1995, the objectives of the IOMABT are to provide the relief of distress and hardship to those connected with agriculture in the Isle of Man.

The donation from AFD will be used to provide grants to qualifying Island residents, allowing the Trust to provide discreet assistance and support to help those most in need, when they need it.

Isle of Play

Isle of Play help children to reclaim their childhood by creating and promoting opportunities for children to play Island-wide. One example is in their Lester’s Yard Adventure Playground; a safe space without judgement for some of the most vulnerable children where they receive what may be their only evening meal but also emotional support, friendship and access to trusted adults.

AFD’s donation will support the running costs of Lester’s Yard specifically to buy food, tools and other necessary resources.

Isle of Man Samaritans

Part of the Island community since 1979, the Isle of Man Samaritans provide emotional support to those in distress, in despair or those having suicidal thoughts.

AFD’s donation will go towards covering their ongoing costs so that they can continue to answer calls and uphold their vision that, by seeking support from the Samaritans, fewer people die by suicide.

Isle Stand up to Suicide

Officially launched in October 2023, Isle Stand up to Suicide is devoted to preventing deaths by suicide on the Isle of Man. Offering a phone helpline for anyone in suicidal crisis, after initial contact, callers are provided with the option to access a phone counselling service to help them through their darkest days.

The donation from AFD will help to support the funding of Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) Training, which gives people from all walks of life the skills and confidence to spot the signs of a possible suicidal crisis, and know how to effectively help the individual involved.

Kintsugi Hope

Partnering with organisations to train group facilitators and run wellbeing groups across the UK, Kintsugi Hope wants to see a world where mental and emotional health is understood and accepted, with safe and supportive communities for everyone to grow and flourish.

The donation from AFD has helped towards the development of systems for managing the online groups, improving the process and allowing the team to monitor and evaluate participants across the UK. It has also facilitated new support and training on suicide prevention.

Long Life Ministries

Inspired by the recovery of one of the founders from a terminal cancer diagnosis, Long Life Ministries is a faith ministry which exists to bring hope, healing and compassion into the lives of those who have been touched by illness in any form, through counselling and ministry.

The donation from AFD will be used to defray expenses, enabling the charity to reach out to more people.


From the moment a child is diagnosed with a life-limiting or life-threatening conditions, the simple pleasure of childhood and family life are replaced by worry, disruption, medical appointments, financial worries and isolation. Make-A-Wish UK exists to put those issues temporarily to one side by seeking to grant unique wishes for those children.

The donation from AFD will help grant more wishes for children creating hope, happiness and memories for the whole family to cherish.

Manx Breast Cancer Support Group

Manx Breast Cancer Support Group are a passionate, proactive group driven by the desire to ensure that patients in the Isle of Man are offered the best breast service possible.

The donation from AFD will be used to help with the costs of doing a mini-refurbishment to the breast unit at Noble’s Hospital and for purchasing additional surgical equipment for breast cancer treatments.

Manx Kidney Patients Association

The Manx Kidney Patients Association supports and provides financial assistance for renal patients, and their families on the Isle of Man.

The donation from AFD will help support those patients struggling with the increasing strain of the cost of living by helping with heating and general household costs.

Mission Aviation Fellowship

Flying light aircraft in more than 25 countries, including many across Africa and Asia Pacific, MAF provide flights to more than 1,400 aid, development and mission organisations to remote and isolated communities often considered too dangerous or time-consuming to reach, enabling lives to be transformed.

AFD are making two donations to MAF this year: the first donation will be used to help fund the flying that MAF Uganda is doing to provide vital relief to the 1.5million and growing refugee population, across 13 settlements, who are fleeing from the escalating conflict in neighbouring South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

For over 70 years, one of MAF’s largest commitments is to the remote populations in the mountainous parts of Papua New Guinea, where currently 10 aircraft operate over 200 airstrips. MAF provides the only viable access to the outside world – for the basics of life as well as for medical and other emergencies. AFD’s second donation will make an impact towards this work.

MS Society Isle of Man

Supporting over 175 patients on the island living with multiple sclerosis, a condition affecting the brain and spinal cord causing a range of symptoms and problems with how they move, think and feel, the MS Society Isle of Man organise social events, exercise classes, fundraising events and liaise with MS health professionals on the Isle of Man.

The AFD donation will be used to help offset the costs of a new venture to deliver aqua therapy classes which, due to the warmth of the pool and buoyancy, allow MS patients to exercise more freely.

Myeloma UK

Myeloma UK is the only charity in the UK that focuses on the incurable blood cancer, myeloma, and its related conditions. With an ultimate goal of finding a cure, the charity aims along the way to find more effective treatments and help patients to live longer and better lives.

The donation from AFD will help to provide free support services and information for those people affected by myeloma, providing reassurance and hope when they need it most.

Naseem’s Manx Brain Tumour Charity

Set up in October 2009, the charity aims to provide financial assistance to brain tumour sufferers as well as providing direction on where to find support and information for their condition. They also support national research into brain tumours.

The donation from AFD will be used to support Manx residents through the provision of grants, goods, services or loans for those who are suffering financial hardship as a result of theirs or a loved one’s diagnosis.

Noble’s Hospital Patients’ Comfort Trust

Existing to support patients of Noble’s Hospital, the Trust raises funds for the purchase of items or services, other than for diagnosis or treatment, to improve the well-being of patients whilst in hospital.

The donation from AFD has been designated to the neo-natal unit and will be available for the purchase of items or services to enhance the environment and experience for the babies and their families, whilst accessing the unit.

One by One

One by One’s vision is to prevent exploitation of vulnerable people all over the world. They exist to provide urgent care and immediate aid to those in need through restorative care, educational support and the empowerment of sustainable living.

The donation from AFD supported several projects this year including upholding the outreach work for children across the Pakistan brick kilns, reaching 5,000 girls in Uganda via their Dignity project which is tackling sexual abuse and trafficking, and establishing prosecution pathways for child trafficking in Rwanda.

One World Centre Isle of Man

OWC aims to raise awareness of global issues and encourage a positive response; promoting understanding and respect for the lives and cultures of all people, helping to shape a fairer world and a cleaner, more sustainable planet. They run the One World Charity Challenge each year which encourages Year 12 students to actively engage with their roles as world citizens and advocate for charities in the developing world.

As well as hosting the charity challenge final, AFD fund the AFD Award for Advocacy which is awarded to the team who best recognise how they can use their voices to call for change. All prizes form donations to the charities supported by the teams.

Open Doors

Working in over 60 countries around the world, Open Doors exists to support and advocate for Christians who are discriminated against or persecuted because of their faith.

Since the war in Iraq in 2015 many vulnerable church members have still not returned to their homes; the donation from AFD will be directed towards providing them with safe places to live, access to basic needs and medical care.

Pancreatic Cancer UK

The vision of Pancreatic Cancer UK is that everyone with pancreatic cancer survives to live long and well; they want to transform the future for those affected, by funding research, campaigning for change to treatment and care, and supporting people when they need it most.

The AFD donation will pay for 40 ‘Newly Diagnosed Packs’, which provide key information to people who have recently been diagnosed and their loved ones, so they know that they are not facing this disease alone.

Parkinson’s Disease Society Isle of Man

Parkinson’s Disease Society Isle of Man provide day-today support for those people affected by the disease by funding care phones, specialised equipment, providing adhoc support but above all by being a caring and friendly listening ear.

The donation from AFD will help to ensure the charity is able to help all of those people on the island who need to access their services and support.

Parkinson’s UK

A people-powered movement, Parkinson’s UK’s strategies focus on pushing for excellent health and care, building a community of support, getting new treatment faster to those affected and finding a cure.

The donation from AFD will be directed towards their research work across the UK as well as raising awareness of the work that the charity is doing by reaching out to more people across the UK.

The PDA Society

The only specialist pathological demand avoidance charity in the UK, they raise awareness of the disability, provide training and information to parents and professionals and offer tailored support to PDA people and their families through their enquiry line service.

The donation from AFD will allow the charity to support a further 15 families through the enquiry line service which is manned by members who all have a direct connection to PDA and are specially trained to answer queries in a supportive, caring and confidential manner.

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity

Working across the UK, Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity provides practical and emotional support to children with a life-threatening or terminal illness, and their families, so that they don’t have to face serious childhood illness alone.

The AFD donation will fund 16 hours of support for a family with one of the charity’s expert support workers who amongst other things, listen to a family’s fears, anxieties, help to explain illnesses, diagnoses and treatment, drive families to medical appointments, organise fun activities for the whole family and when required, offer grief and bereavement support.

Rebecca House

Rebecca House is a purpose-built facility that provides respite, palliative and end of life care for children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions, from birth to 18 years. They provide a range of support care from short term respite stays through to assisting with symptom and pain management and end of life care.

The AFD donation will support the facility to ensure that they are able to continue providing these services free of charge to families.

ReBorne Community Church

Effecting transformation in the local communities of Sherborne, Milborne Port and the wider Blackmore Vale area in the UK, ReBorne Community Church are committed to walking alongside and reaching out with the love of God to those from all faiths or no faith, regardless of age, background, gender or culture.

The AFD donation is being used to help achieve the extension and transformation of their current building so that it may offer the whole community a dynamic multi-purpose hub which offers a friendly, refreshing and inspiring space to live work and flourish together.

RNLI Ramsey

One of five lifeboat stations on the Isle of Man, Ramsey has celebrated nearly 140 years of saving lives at sea. Nine station lifeboats have served at Ramsey with today’s new carriage-launched Shannon class lifeboat carrying out rescues to both leisure and commercial vessels.

The donation from AFD will be used to train new recruits in the operation of the new boat and in all skills needed to operate efficiently and safely in service of the RNLI.


Sat-7 broadcasts on satellite television and digital media in Arabic, Turkish and Farsi to the 500 million people of the Middle East and North Africa. Based in the region they enable the Church – isolated and often facing many restrictions – to make known the love of Christ, to teach and encourage believers and to share a positive Christian vision for life and society.

The donation from AFD will be used to fund the production of new programmes which will provide teaching on discipleship and challenge misconceptions of Christianity that are propagated in the regions. Programmes for children will be made to teach them about God’s love.

Scripture Union Ministries Trust

A faith-based charity, SUMT delivers a range of lessons and assemblies supporting religious and personal, social, health and economic education, to primary and secondary schools throughout the Isle of Man, as well as running after-school clubs and residentials.

The AFD donation will support the employment of the charity’s full-time schools workers which will enable them to continue developing school projects and achieve their aim of bringing faith within reach to all.

Sights Matters

Since 1936, Sight Matters have strived to provide dedicated, responsive and tailored support to the Isle of Man’s blind and visually impaired community through initiatives such as luncheon social clubs, members’ groups and access to their audio library and audio news service.

AFD’s donation will be put towards funding the Younger Members Group; the only service of its type on the Isle of Man where activities include sessions that teach visually impaired and blind children to cook and to enjoy crafts.

Source of Hope UK

Source of Hope is a faith project dedicated to serve the children of Kenya. They strive to relieve poverty, support the vulnerable and orphans, provide education,
advance Christian faith and to work with others that share the same goal.

The donation from AFD will cover the final costs required to complete the necessary work in bringing 2,500 people in Kiusyani clean drinking water, replacing the previous dirty and diseased water source.

Starfish Asia

Working in Pakistan, Starfish Asia seek to provide quality education to underprivileged children through investing in school infrastructure, teacher training and competitive teacher salaries.

Nearly 9,000 children over 46 schools are receiving an
education supported by Starfish Asia; the AFD donation will support 10 teachers for the next 3 months, giving children the access to quality teaching and therefore a chance to achieve their potential.

Stauros Isle of Man

Stauros extends the hand of fellowship to those in bondage to alcohol or drug-related problems, with the view to helping them recover by promoting the Christian message of Jesus Christ as the means of that recovery.

The AFD donation will be used to offset salary and operational expenses supporting the continuation of the work within the local community.


Tearfund is a Christian charity partnering with churches in more than 50 of the world’s poorest countries to tackle poverty and injustice through sustainable development, responding to disasters and challenging injustices. They believe an end to extreme poverty is possible.

The donation from AFD will be directed to the areas of those in greatest need such as emergency shelters for earthquake survivors but also to support initiatives such as training that empowers whole villages to escape poverty.

Thie Dy Vea

An independent Christian retreat house based in Peel on the Isle of Man, Thie Dy Vea, offers residential and non-residential facilities to groups and individuals looking for a place of peace and purpose, whether that be in the form of a study course or retreat.

The donation from AFD will be used to support the purchase of a garden room, providing additional space for guests and an opportunity for them to enjoy the peace of the garden all year round in a quiet space ideal for reflection, prayer and crafts.

Transforming Lives for Good

TLG is an award-winning charity that works in partnership with over 250 local churches to support struggling children, young people and families across the UK by providing practical support in schools, the community, and homes to bring hope.

AFD are working with TLG in an ambitious project to
launch 110 new church partnerships by the end of 2025. These will focus on TLG’s two flagship programmes; ‘Early Intervention’ which provides voluntary one-to-one coaching for children struggling in school and ‘Make Lunch’ where community clubs offer free, hot meals and fun activities for food-insecure families.

United Christian Broadcasters

UCB is a Christian Media charity based in Stoke-on- Trent reaching the whole of the UK through a listening audience of over 250,000 each week for their DAB radio, an estimated 500,000 people reading their ‘Word For the Day’ publication and over 70,000 calls made each year to the UCB Prayerline.

The donation from AFD will cover the cost of reaching 2,000 people with the ‘Word For the Day’ publication, a resource which has many testaments as to how it has been the catalyst in people finding God and overcoming difficult situations in their lives.

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Currently involved in over 75% of the global Bible translation efforts, Wycliffe has a vision for a world where everyone can know Jesus through the Bible, and so they work to deliver translations to communities in the language which best speaks to them.

The donation from AFD is supporting local and national translators with training and salary costs accelerating the work of Bible translation at a critical time, allowing translators to launch more than one new translation each week.


In the Bulgarian language, ZOV means a cry for help; at ZOV UK, they support children from across Bulgaria who have no one to care for them – children who have been abandoned, orphaned, neglected, abused or living with severe disabilities.

The AFD donation will be used to provide mentoring and life skills designed to support children to become independent after leaving the care system – helping them to achieve employment and to integrate within their local communities.

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