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Using Royal Mail PAF® data, AFD Postcode with Robot technology offers every computer user fast, affordable and easy access to accurate address entry from just the postcode. Original Robot technology detects a postcode typed into virtually any application and automatically delivers the accurate address. With nothing to click, press or program, AFD Postcode provides a unique level of productivity improvement. Robot is one of many additional features added to Postcode.

Business Benefits:

What is Postcode used for?

Postcode is designed to make light work of address data entry. Postcode is used in a wide variety of environments including call centres, telesales, contact management...virtually anywhere that fast, accurate address entry is needed. Robot means that a postcode can be typed into virtually any windows contact manager, word processor, spreadsheet or database..... and an address will automatically appear.

There is nothing to click, press or program and no windows to swap or Hotkeys to press. Postcode supports 'reverse searching' to lookup a list of postcodes from a street and post town or STD Code. If you need full property level data and to search using any address fragment, choose Postcode Plus or Names & Numbers .

What programs will it work with?

Postcode installs ready for use with virtually any word processor, spreadsheet, contact manager or database without the need for programming. For Software Developers, Postcode is compatible with AFD's Common API. This means developers can initially integrate with Postcode, and upgrade to Postcode Plus or Names and Numbers with no redevelopment.

To download the free AFD Postcode Free Trial and the Software Developer Kit please see the right hand menu on this page.

Will it work on Web Sites?

Yes! The features and data of Postcode can easily be put to work on your Web Site by using Postcode Internet or Postcode Internet Online.

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