SalesForce Integration

Integrate Postcode Evolution® with Salesforce to give extensive postcode lookup results.

  • Save 80% of keystrokes entering addresses.
  • Eliminate spelling mistakes
  • Create a professional image on all correspondence
  • Quick and easy integration with the default Accounts, Contacts and Leads forms.


With AFD's Postcode Evolution, one simple question "What's your postcode?" reduces call queues, makes staff more productive and gives your organisation a more professional image. Accurate address data means delivered goods, easy analysis and less time solving the problems caused by poor address data.

This application packs the power Postcode Evolution's XML engine into a simple to use Salesforce app. It can be used 'out of the box' on the default SalesForce Accounts, Contacts and Leads pages with little set-up.

Getting Started

To get started, contact us using the form below to request a test and development license.


Then install our app into your SalesForce account, access the AFD PCE app in the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the screen and input your AFD credentials and follow the setup instructions in the user guide.