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Accurate address data is essential for mail to reach the intended recipient, when the contents are private and relating to legal matters, this requirement becomes even more important.

TRUE Solicitors LLP,  who began life over 20 years ago as Gorman Hamilton, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, with just two partners and a secretary. Have combined hard work and success to grow to a workforce now staffed by 170 employees that specialise in the provision of legal advice and support to clients that have suffered due to personal injury.

“We’ve used address validation from AFD Software for nearly 10 years. Having the right address protects all parties by avoiding data breaches or delays that occur if papers go to the wrong address. Address verification provides an independent means of checking that we have not misheard, or mis keyed an address. AFD helps us protect our reputation, reduce risk, and retain clients.” True Solicitors, Dave Johnson, Head of IT.

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