Tribal Empower 22

We enjoyed exhibiting and presenting at the Tribal Empower conference this week. AFD Software is the preferred supplied of address, email and phone validation and cleansing to over 90 universities and 200 colleges.

AFD’s data cleansing engine, Refiner, specifically helps Universities with cleansing contact data received in bulk from UCAS and in preparation for HESA returns.

The University of Dundee has worked with AFD’s solutions to improve their student data processes, they provided feedback around how much time and frustration we helped them overcome;
“Following the implementation of AFD’s Refiner address cleansing process, for the first time since the introduction of Graduate Outcomes return we have managed to process the return and successfully submit with just a handful of errors compared to thousands each year that we have had to manually cleanse record by record. We managed to process, deliver and commit the return in less than 24 hours which is monumental and a real step forward for the optimisation of our Statutory Returns.”

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