The Vital Importance of Accuracy

During the unprecedented situation we currently find ourselves in, where people, especially the highly vulnerable, have been asked to stay within their homes, delivery services have become vital. To maximise the efficiency of these already stretched services and ensure vital supplies are reaching those in need, having accurate contact data – name, address, sometimes email and phone number too – is essential.

For over 38 years, AFD Software has been developing and maintaining solutions that allow contact data to be validated at the point of entry and cleansed. Our solutions help ensure that order processing is fast, details are stored in the correct format and most importantly at this time, that goods are delivered accurately. Perhaps there has never been such a critical time for data accuracy.

In an interview for a recent edition of Postcode News, Val Hayden, Patient Administration System & Data Quality Manager at The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust, described the importance of AFD’s solutions to the Health Sector: “Staff and patients alike benefit from faster data entry as time can be better spent on making patients feel comfortable and providing the correct level of care as opposed to filling out and doublechecking each part of their address. Storing data in the correct format means that addresses are more easily searchable, retrievable and reportable.”

Contact data validation provided by AFD is allowing the NHS to more efficiently process essential patient calls and admissions when staff time is even more precious at this moment than usual; it is allowing retailers to continue to provide goods via online services that can’t be bought in shops; and it is allowing supermarkets to get food to people’s homes. All without wasting valuable time and resource looking for the right address.

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