How do you get to a place of confidence about your address data? Sintons have been on the journey. This is their story.

Sintons is a leading full-service law firm based in the Northeast of England serving businesses, individuals, and organisations in the region and beyond. With a turnover of £16 million, Sintons has 130 employees including over 70 lawyers and is utilising AFD Software solutions as part of a fundamental change to data management. How are they doing this?

David Mather, IT Manager at Sintons, really likes the way that AFD’s Address Lookup solution enables them to achieve so much at once: “We communicate daily with insurance companies and other law firms. The inclusion of DX Network member address details makes it easy for us to reduce postage costs and because DX deliver before 9 and collect after 5, the working day is extended – enhancing our response times to clients.” Difficult addresses, regional accents, poor handwriting – the things that lead to inaccuracy – are easily and quickly resolved with the powerful search functions of AFD’s Address Validation solutions… and these are fully integrated into the applications used intensively by our staff… the win is less staff time, better data and therefore service assurance.” “We previously had to conduct data updates out of work hours and reboot the server. With AFD’s address verification API these updates are automatic and maintenance-free – so scarce technical resource can be allocated elsewhere without compromising data quality”.

Sintons is embracing mobile technology as a keyway to empower staff, freeing them from routine tasks to focus on client need. David continues:

“Parts of our business acquire new customers outside the office environment. We have developed our own Android application which minimises data entry time while maximising the quality of data entered. Our team is free from cumbersome paperwork and able to focus more fully on the prospective clients’ needs. The Android version of AFD’s postcode lookup API Plus is part of a considered strategy to strengthen our business with mobile technology. It plays a significant role in reducing data entry from 5 minutes to 30 seconds.”

The process efficiency is now resulting in increased acquisition of new, valuable clients. Sintons now has a system in place that prevents any user inputting an incorrect address and a wider understanding of how important this is in order to maintain the highest levels of data integrity.


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