Shopify Integration

AFD’s address, email and phone validation can be added to Shopify Plus, the popular hosted eCommerce platform.


AFD Software has poured its 450 plus years of experience around address validation solutions into our plugin for Shopify Plus, enabling websites built on the popular platform to provide Address and Postcode lookup within Shopify’s customer detail capture and checkout forms.

Key Features

  • Supports Shopify Plus
  • All standard Shopify address, email and phone forms are supported.
  • Streamline address entry at checkout with typeahead address searching
  • Clear the clutter on the checkout page by only showing fields that are relevant to the user
  • Integration with custom or third party forms like FormStack.

Address Validation

Our address lookup solutions allow users to utilise either postcode finder or address finder functionality.

  • Postcode search results in a list of the addresses at the postcode entered.
  • Address search by entering the first line of the address will return the matching addresses.
  • Typeahead functionality can also be used which narrows down the results with each keystroke entered.

Essentially, our solutions are flexible and address validation in Shopify Plus can work how you want it to.

Email Address Validation

AFD’s live email validation in Shopify performs a live check on the email address entered to verify the email address and avoid vital communications not landing.

Phone Number Validation

AFD’s live phone validation within Shopify Plus pings the phone number confirming it is live and reachable via text or call.

Benefits of AFD's address search, lookup and validation in Shopify Plus

  • Fast, accurate address validation from address search or postcode lookup.
  • A data quality partnership between your organisation and AFD.
  • Consultancy from AFD’s 450 years plus of inhouse experience with contact data validation solutions.

What Next?

Our recommendation is to talk with one of our experts around the specific data challenges you have, that way we can recommend the right solution and help you overcome the problem. There are many ways to do this:

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Rest assured, we just want to understand how we can overcome your challenges and become your partner in data quality.

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