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Health Insurance for Specific Needs

Twenty years ago, two friends had a goal to provide health insurance policies tailored to people’s specific needs and started “Right to Health Ltd”. This customer-first focus has allowed the organisation to grow into one of the UK’s biggest healthcare intermediaries with over 30 specialists helping protect 45,000 loyal customers.

We spoke to Gary Marney, Co-founder and Director, to understand more about the organisation and the importance contact data accuracy plays in helping people find the right solution for their needs:

Honesty is always the best policy

“Getting the right policy for a customer requires a conversation with a specialist who has both the knowledge and experience to ask the right questions and use those answers to find the best cover at the best price. We are an ethical company who truly value our integrity, so if the best advice for a prospective client is for them to stay with their existing provider, we advise them accordingly.

All conversations and recommendations are medically driven rather than price driven – which may mean a client is advised to take a policy that is more expensive if we know that the underwriter is more sympathetic to a particular condition affecting that client. Because of our many years of experience in the field and experience with various underwriters, we can be confident that we are offering the very best advice tailored to each individual situation.”

Due to the medical intricacies of the policies provided, customer contact is of vital importance and data quality is a very sensitive matter. Right to Health needed a solution to help ensure more clients could be reached and given the best advice for their needs.

Essential Contacts

Gary continues: “We can’t provide the right policy to a client without talking to them, so it is essential that we are able to actually reach the people who have requested information. We have relied on AFD’s residential address, name and telephone solution, Names & Numbers for over 15 years to help our specialists reach these prospective clients and to turn them into valued long-term customers.

After switching purely to the internet to generate new leads, we found that when people used the contact forms to obtain a quote, they would make mistakes in the details entered or not submit their phone number.

Using Names & Numbers, we can often look up the phone number of the name and address provided which enables us to improve contact rates by around 6%. That may not sound much, but with 50,000 leads generated annually this equates to an extra 3,000 contactable leads each year – which might equate to around £250,000 of potential profit as we help protect more people.”

In discussing the importance that the data quality partnership has played to the organisation, Gary goes onto say: “AFD Software, The Postcode People, have been and continue tobe instrumental in the growth of our business. We have been able to reach more customers as a direct result of their Names & Numbers product and provide them with the right health insurance solutions for their specific requirements. As a quality data partner, I would recommend AFD to any organisation wanting to improve conversion rates via the quality of contact data.”


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