Is Poor Process Preventing
Perfect Performance?

When you look on an issue from the outside the new perspective can make issues and their possible solutions clearer. While at University I worked as a retail sector shift-manager for a busy multinational restaurant chain.

To measure satisfaction, all customers were asked to complete an online survey in the restaurant prior to leaving. Many would abandon the task – saying it took too long. During a week the restaurant would serve around 900 customers. About 30 surveys would be completed each week, detailing what was good and bad about the customer’s experience – just 3%. If the completion rate could have been raised even to 10% that would have been 90 customers with feedback that could have better shaped the organisation.

Having made the switch from working in retail to computer software, I have gained a real understanding of how process can be key to successfully achieving objectives and desirable outcomes. Customers complained that the survey was time-consuming, especially from a smart phone. The most time-consuming part of the process was entering the address – yet that was essential for analysis of drive-time and demographic profiling. I can now see that there were just three necessary steps:

Having a survey system in place that was intuitive, fast, and accurate would have led to a higher percentage of completed surveys. Each one would bring more insight into how the business could improve, provide customers with specific offers and redeemable vouchers, and fill the restaurant during quiet times. Accurate contact data powered by AFD Software would have ensured the customer would have received their rewards and would have increased levels of customer satisfaction and growth for the restaurant.

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