NUTS and ITL Data

Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics (NUTS) is a geographical system, divided into one of four levels based on geographic size.

This has since been updated for the UK with ITL (International Territorial Levels) which mirrors the pre-existing NUTS code to ensure alignment between UK and international standards. This transition has not changed the names of regions, or the areas covered by them; it is simply a change to the codes used (for example, UKC1 is now TLC1).

The levels are titled:

NUTS 0 (largest area)

NUTS 1                                     ITL 1

NUTS 2                                     ITL 2

NUTS 3 (smallest area)          ITL 3

In England NUTS 3/ITL 3 regions are Counties or groups of unitary authorities, 179 areas in total.
Each NUTS/ITL region has a unique code, the length of which is dependent on the hierarchical level of the NUTS/ITL region illustrated below based on Leeds:

Region NUTS level (previous) Code (previous) ITL (current)
United Kingdom NUTS 0 UK TL
Yorkshire and the Humber NUTS 1 UKE TLE
West Yorkshire NUTS 2 UKE4 TLE4
Leeds NUTS 3 UKE42 TLE42

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