Email Accuracy

Have you implemented email address checking from AFD Software? Human error is all too easy when keying in data. One wrong character in an email address will result in a failed delivery.
For a business or service-based organisation this can be costly to both revenue and reputation. An enquiry from a prospective customer appears not to have been answered or an order goes unfulfilled

AFD Software make it easy for businesses to check email addresses wherever they are entered by staff or customers. There are three checks:

  1. There are certain characters such ‘?’ and ‘#’ that are disallowed. Of course the ‘@’ is essential!
  2. The domain means the name of the website or service provider. For example, and are commonly used domain names. So are, – and of course!
  3. Local Part. This is the mailbox name – usually the name of the recipient (e.g. or a department (e.g.

Some services check only syntax, some only domain and many do not check the local part. Email address validation from AFD Software checks all three: Syntax, Domain and the Local Part. It is not always possible to validate the full email address at each domain – however, whenever it is at all possible the AFD email validation service will do so.

Did you know? One third of the earth’s population use email and together send around 74 trillion emails each year – so we reckon an email address check is worth implementing!

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