Halfords Autocentres

Halfords Autocentres is a growing network of 265 garages delivering a full range of automotive services to over half a million customers every year.

Fuelling Expansion

Halfords plans to expand coverage to 400 centres, adding around 30 new garages each year. AFD Postcode is helping Halfords in its quest to deliver both customer satisfaction and growth. Each branch has the Halfords bespoke ‘Point of Sale’ solution which accesses AFD Postcode, ensuring that all users have access to up-to-date address data.

Growth Strategies

One key strategy for growth requires the high levels of customer satisfaction which lead to loyalty and referrals. Another is ensuring that customers receive timely reminders for MOT and Servicing.

Reminding and Cross-selling

The first main purpose of AFD Postcode is to ensure accuracy of data. IT Manager Kevin Cooke explains: “We need accurate data because we need to generate cross-selling opportunities and build annual revenues.

For example, an MOT is an annual event. We typically write to the customer 40 days before the MOT and then if we don’t hear from them, the Centre Manager calls them. People do forget when their MOT needs renewing, so this reminder service is good for Halfords and the customer.

With an accurate address we are confident that our reminder and cross-selling communications will not only be delivered to the customer but will build our brand through accurate presentation of the customer’s address.”

Releasing Time

The second main purpose of AFD Postcode is as a time saver. Kevin Cooke continues: “Typically a centre will have a manager who enters the customer data to the Point of Sale system which may have been taken from a handwritten note.

The faster the data can be entered, the more time the manager has to deal with customers and to manage. This is particularly important during busy periods.

Without AFD Postcode there would be a negative impact on time – with AFD Postcode everyone’s happy!”

How could AFD Postcode help your organisation reach its growth and service goals?



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