From the Directors

Thirty Eight years in business is quite a journey – from a loft in a 2-bed semi to a business that now employs over a hundred people in several countries. As we reflect on that journey, perhaps the most exciting thing is that the business has been able to make a real and substantial difference to many people in many places.

It is great to produce products and services that are themselves highly positive – they help people and organisations to do things efficiently, and cut out massive amounts of waste. We are always grateful for the incredible loyalty of our many customers – and genuinely strive to make sure they remain happy and well served.

We have also travelled this road with colleagues, many of whom themselves have been around AFD for over ten – or in several cases over twenty – years, and who own and display our culture and values. Seeing them flourish and grow also affirms company objectives.

Sharing all the resources available to us – not only through charity giving, but in the wonderful location and facilities of Mountain View, and by using our influence and voice – help fulfil our strategy to make a positive impact in our community and the wider world: direct expressions of our Christian convictions and calling, which was why AFD was started in that loft in 1983.

Thank you for your support.

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