Adult Education Budget (AEB) Devolved Areas

AEB Postcode data helps organisations identify which funding body, Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) or the Devolved Authority (DA), is responsible for funding a learner looking to enrol allowing colleges and training providers to check whether they have a contract to be paid for learning delivery, learners must reside in an area in which you have a contract to provide training.

Learning start date postcode dictates the funding, if the postcode resides in a devolved area that DA is responsible for funding. ESFA will be responsible if the postcode is not within a DA.

To return a valid Individualised Learner Record (ILR) for a learner, a valid combination of SOF and learning start date postcode must be found in the dataset.

Errors in SOF and postcode at the learners start date will be invalid and result in no funding which could cost organisations £4,400 per learner.

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It is essential that we know we have the correct funding for a student before we enrol them, Accurate address data referencing the AEB data allows this at the point of entry.

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Information Systems Manager at Preston’s College

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AEB Devolved Areas

Here are some example postcodes that return different Adult Education Budget (AEB) Areas:

PE8 6JR                                 AEB Area                             CPCA

PE9 3QD                                AEB Area                             England Non-devolved

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