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Thousands of unique organisations rely on AFD’s validation and cleansing solutions to get contact data right. Based on customer feedback, our range of available datasets continues to increase as teams processing and analysing data look to avoid manual processes and maintain multiple datasets. Accurate addresses combined with relevant datasets have the power to yield much more useful information than either the address or the dataset on its own. Here are just some examples of datasets we already offer:

Participation Of Local Areas (POLAR ) classification data shows how likely young people are to participate in Higher Education (HE). Each postcode is given a rank between 1–5, with 1 being the lowest likelihood of HE participation and 5 being the highest. This data then helps AFD customers in the HE sector to more effectively target specific areas with marketing efforts to meet targets for widening participation (attracting students from areas less likely to go to University) and essential funding.

Not Yet Built (NYB) data helps identify properties that are still under construction or have been completed but do not yet appear on the Postcode Address File (PAF). NYB data allows businesses to process orders to deliver white goods and furniture, as well as critical services such as energy, phone, and internet, that wouldn’t ordinarily be possible without a valid address.

Censation, AFD’s geodemographic classification solution, indicates the relative affluence, life stage and lifestyle of the people living within a particular postcode. This powerful dataset helps organisations understand more about the ‘profile’ of their best customers and use this information to either target prospective customers or upsell to existing customers with relevant goods or services.

Property level latitude and longitude data combined with a valid address provide a pinpoint location at metre level accuracy. Integrating this solution into your chosen mapping tool allows delivery teams to find the actual delivery location quickly and accurately – preventing late or abandoned deliveries as well as lost time, additional staff cost and wasted fuel.

In the same way that adding AEB data transformed the productivity of Learning Curve Group’s database of student records, would your CRM database benefit from the inclusion of any datasets which are specific to your industry sector?

AFD’s expertise in combining datasets to overcome pains for our customers is one of the many reasons why the Postcode People at AFD are the go-to partner for address and data quality solutions.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss any requirements your organisation may have around linking datasets to reduce manual work, improve efficiency and of course, data accuracy.

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