Data Accuracy, An Uphill Battle?

Maintaining accurate and up-to-date contact data can feel like a huge mountain to climb. 
AFD Software’s range of address, email, phone and bank validation solutions give you a clear view of your data.

Address Validation helps ensure address data entered into your websites, apps, and back-end systems are accurate in real time.

Email Validation uses a 3-point check system confirming the syntax, domain and local part are all correct, helping validate if the email is live and can receive your vital digital comms.

Phone Validation confirms the format and number of digits are correct depending on the country, our solution then pings the number, confirming its live.

Bank Validation confirms the sort code and account number are valid, essential for setting up direct debits and processing payments.

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We serve thousands of organisations and a network of hundreds of partners across multiple industry sectors, enabling them to have full confidence in their contact data.