AFD 2022 Charity Presentation

May we extend the warmest of welcomes to Mountain View and our 2022 charity evening, on behalf of all our AFD colleagues. Many of them have also given practical help to making our evening run smoothly!

We gather this evening to celebrate that around one and half million pounds will have been distributed to over 90 nominated organisations before this year is out, generated by our amazing colleagues. These charity organisations respond to human needs across this Island, the UK, and far wider afield including places where the impacts of poor leadership, greed and violence have had enormous impact on physical and mental well-being. At the same time, investments in education, caring for our environment, standing up for truth and integrity, and proclaiming hope for the future all help towards nurturing true human flourishing.

As we celebrate 25 years in the Isle of Man, AFD’s core company objectives have been the same since the earliest days of the business. The objectives are unashamedly drawn from our Christian convictions – and although one of them: “To generate profits, and to use them creatively in the relief of suffering, the improvement of society and furtherance of the Christian gospel” is especially celebrated tonight, the others are indivisible from it.

Every member of our team is highly valued and has had the opportunity to nominate an organisation to be given a gift from AFD. Inevitably, these nominations are often prompted by their own experience, circumstances and priorities – many with very personal stories behind them.

As “The Postcode People” we will soon approach 40 years of helping organisations improve the quality and efficiency of their contact address lists, especially in the British Isles. AFD’s knowledge, experience and skill in understanding, managing and distributing the postal data for these islands, is a key pillar of logistics, commerce and public administration on these shores.

We hope that you will enjoy this informal evening with us. Join us in celebrating the incredible organisations listed in this brochure – and the profound ways in which they make this world a much better place.

Please also join us in commending the dedication, hard work and excellence of our team which has made these gifts possible.

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