AFD 2021 Charity Presentation

A very warm welcome to Mountain View and AFD’s Charity Evening for 2021.

Our imperfect world continues to be beset by its regular challenges, in addition to which the debilitating impact of Covid policies right across society here in the rich West become daily more evident – and are even more devastating for countries and communities already struggling deeply.

Our partnership with the amazing organisations listed in these pages helps us achieve one of our key Company objectives, “To generate profits, and to use them creatively in the relief of suffering, the improvement of society and furtherance of the Christian gospel”.

Every member of our team has had the opportunity to nominate an organisation to be given a gift from AFD. Many of these nominations are part of very personal stories as our team members have worked with or experienced help from the charity they have chosen.

If you have joined us at similar events in past years, we very much hope you notice our brand new Corporate Design and Logo – you are privileged to be the first to see these! It feels somehow appropriate that the first use of these is at our Annual Charity Evening – to be followed by a full launch planned for the start of 2022 in a few weeks’ time.

After approaching 38 years now helping organisations improve the quality and efficiency of their contact address lists, especially in the British Isles, we feel our team can be identified as “The Postcode People”. Indeed, AFD has more knowledge, experience and skill in understanding, managing and distributing the Postal Data for these islands, even than Royal Mail!

Why is this data so important? It is the key to accurate contact records, thus helping ensure efficient delivery of products and services no matter what or where that is needed –by virtually every freight or distribution service. More than that, it is at the heart of public administration and accountability – the core geographic unit for national and local political identification. It matters greatly!

Please enjoy this evening with us, celebrating the incredible organisations listed in these pages and the enormous difference they make in so many ways. Please celebrate too, the dedicated excellence of the AFD team members whose hard work, innovation and pursuit of quality has made our gifts possible.

David & Alison

1st Ramsey Scout Group

1st Ramsey Scouts aim to actively engage and support young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society.

The donation from AFD is being used towards improving the accessibility to the entrance and bathroom facilities of the local scout hut in Ramsey, so that children of all abilities can access the building and be part of the scouting association.

4.2.20 Foundation

Through their residential school in Jerusalem and Hebrew Extension Program online, the 4.2.20 Foundation train national leaders in Biblical languages and translation principles to grow the available number and capacity of Bible translators and consultants.

The donation from AFD will be used to help offer scholarship opportunities to students to attend the training programs so that they can go on to translate the full Bible for their language community, regardless of their economic situation.

Act Ministries

Act Ministries provide healthcare, health education and clean water to rural communities in Northwest Cambodia.

The donation from AFD will be used to support the running of the clinics and go some way to help alleviate poverty as a result of the pandemic by allowing the charity to extend the support they provide to the communities they visit.

  • Contact: Simon Stock
  • Nominated by Alison & David Dorricott

Alzheimer’s Research UK

With dementia affecting over 850,000 individuals within the UK, Alzheimer’s Research work with over 1,500 scientists in 15 research centres around the UK to fund research into the causes, treatments, prevention and cure of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

The AFD donation will be put towards the charity’s mission to bring about the first life-changing dementia treatment by 2025 as they aim to bring about a future without the fear, harm, and heartbreak of the disease.

Baby Moses Baby Sanctuary

Baby Moses Baby Sanctuary provides a home for abused, abandoned, and orphaned children in South Africa. They believe that every child should grow up with an abundance of love, joy and hope, with access to good medical care and nutrition.

The donation from AFD will be put towards food, providing vital nutrition for 175 children, as well as funds being directed to education costs and maintenance overheads within the home.

Beach Buddies

Founded in 2006, Beach Buddies is an award-winning charity setting world standards in beach cleaning as well as raising awareness about marine litter and the wider environment, through education in schools.

The AFD donation was used toward the purchase of a replacement truck to allow the team to continue to operate effectively with the appropriate equipment.

Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice

Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice support children with life-limiting conditions and their families to create memories. They offer a range of free accessible support services including but not limited to respite, family and sibling support, physiotherapy, end of life care and bereavement counselling.

With rising utility costs, the donation from AFD will be used to ‘keep the lights on’, ensuring the charity can continue to provide a warm, light, loving environment for children and their families.

The Bonar Trust

The vision of The Bonar Trust is to invest in the next generation of leaders for the Church in Scotland through development, funding, resourcing, and training.

AFD’s donation is allowing the Trust to build and increase year upon year the number of gospel workers being trained, satisfying this strategic component of the emerging gospel vision in Scotland.

British Youth for Christ

Working in schools, prisons, churches, and local communities, British Youth for Christ’s deepest desire is to see the lives of young people changed by Jesus; they aim to do this through showing Jesus in a way which is relevant to every young person.

The donation from AFD will be used to enhance digital engagement by training and equipping young people to share their faith creatively and genuinely through online content, as well as seeking to equip youth workers with the tools to relevantly engage with the youth.


For more than 35 years, CARE has been a voice for truth in the public square. Represented in the Parliaments and Assemblies of the UK, they campaign, provide resources, and bring Christian insight into the policies and laws which affect our lives.

The donation from AFD will be invested in relevant programs and resources to empower and equip Christian Churches and individual Christians to be salt and light in society.

Care for the Family

Care for the Family are a national charity which aims to strengthen family life and to help and support those who are facing family difficulties.

The AFD donation will be used to launch a new online training platform for a range of courses and accredited training sessions which will allow people to access the courses both locally and further afield, and so widening the reach and impact of the charity.


Driven by Christian values, Christian Blind Mission works in the world’s poorest places. In partnership with governments and local partners, they aim to create long-term positive change by treating and preventing conditions that lead to disability.

The donation from AFD will be allocated to inclusive eye health projects to prevent blindness, improve health, and transform the lives of people with disabilities by allowing them to go to school, access healthcare, earn a living and be active in their community.

Chalmers Church

Based in Edinburgh, Chalmers Church is committed to the advancement of faith, in their local area, nationally and beyond.

The donation from AFD has been used towards the redevelopment of the church building creating more and better space for everyone who uses the building and so assisting the church’s objectives of reaching others with the life-changing good news of Jesus Christ.

The Children’s Centre

The Children’s Centre supports vulnerable children, young people and families who fall between the gaps of statutory services. Over the last year, they have supported 850 separate individuals, with most of the young people attending for around a 12-month period.

The donation from AFD will be used towards the charity’s project to grow their digital and remote access presence aiming to connect people, support parents and give real meaningful experiences to the young people they work with.

Christian Concern

Working primarily in the UK, Christian Concern speak of Jesus Christ and his plan for life especially as it relates to current issues of public policy and debate, particularly in the media, government, parliament, and legal system.

The AFD donation will allow the team to further invest in their efforts to build effective partnerships with local churches; empowering them to be compassionate and courageous ambassadors whilst also allowing them to better serve and represent local churches at a national level.

The Christian Institute

A non-denomination charity working in the UK to uphold the truths of the Bible, The Christian Institute support individual Christians and churches by providing key information on strategic issues and helping individuals facing discrimination because of their faith.

The AFD donation will help meet the ongoing costs of projects which underpin their work.

Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

CAP provides free debt help and local community groups across the UK, alongside local churches, providing both practical and emotional support to show people there is always hope.

The AFD donation was used towards their Debt Transformation Service which will make the debt services easier to access and improve what their clients can achieve for themselves and so providing them with greater ownership, self-service, and visibility of their case.

Christians in Sport

A UK based charity, Christians in Sport aims to help competitive and elite sportspeople around the globe to engage with the Christian faith through bespoke care, residential camps, training, evangelistic events, and multiple digital platforms.

The donation from AFD will be used to create digital content, packaged for multiple digital platforms, to support the growing audience of sportspeople. These will include films, animations, talks, blogs, podcasts, bible studies and content to support hundreds of live events that encourage people to engage with the Christian faith.

The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity

This charity is dedicated to the work of The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, one of the country’s leading specialist cancer hospitals which operates from 18 sites across Merseyside and Chester.

The donation from AFD will be directed to the area where it will currently make the greatest impact; this could be treatment, patient care or invested in one of their pioneering research programmes.

Cornhill Scotland

Cornhill Scotland was established in 2006, to promote the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Scotland, the UK and beyond, by training leaders to serve the 21st century church.

With 50 students currently enrolled on the training courses offered, the donation from AFD has been used to help fund an additional member of the teaching team to allow them to meet the teaching demands of the current students and of those future students looking to enrol.

Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation

The focus of Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation is to raise funding to enable heart screening of men and women between the ages of 14 and 35, in the Isle of Man, to detect symptoms of Hypertrophic and Dilated Cardiomyopathy and thus help prevent Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS). They also install lifesaving defibrillator machines throughout the Island.

The donation from AFD will be used towards the purchase of more lifesaving defibrillators for schools, sports clubs, offices and the wider community, across the whole Island.

Crohn’s & Colitis UK

The leading charity for Crohn’s and Colitis in the UK, this charity funds research and provides support for those affected by these conditions, which are the two main forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

The donation from AFD will be used to continue their important research work and will fund around 3 days of research into the conditions.


Established in 1988, Crossroads is an Isle of Man based charity that provides support to carers and people with care needs, no matter their disability, age, or illness.

The donation from AFD will purchase new safety equipment to be used in the charity’s most recent project, the Crossroads Manx Workshop, which aims to provide people with disabilities and health conditions with paid employment, whilst teaching new skills and independence.

Cruse Bereavement Care Isle of Man

Cruse provide advice, information and support to children, young people and adults who have been bereaved, no matter when or how the death occurred and regardless of age, disability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

Christmas can be a particularly difficult time of year for bereaved children and young people; the donation from AFD will be used to fund a Christmas party for Cruz Kids, giving them the opportunity to have fun and spend time with others that have similar experiences.

DO! Developing Orphans

DO! Developing Orphans supports sustainable economic and social development for two rural communities, Akobi and Padibe, in the Kitgum region of Northern Uganda; specifically helping orphans in the regions rebuild their lives after war.

The donation from AFD will ensure the Broadway Nursery and Primary School run by the charity is equipped and ready to open on 10th January 2022, after nearly two years of closure.

  • Nominated by Alison & David Dorricott

Earroo Nane Northern Community Project

Based in Jurby Health & Community Centre, this charity facilitates events and activities to create social connections, enhancing the health and social wellbeing of their community.

With many ideas in the pipeline as to how the charity can continue to be of effective use in the community, the AFD donation will allow some of these ideas to be reviewed and brought to fruition.

Educate the Kids

The vision held by Educate the Kids is to see children in rural Africa have their needs met, their rights upheld, and their dreams fulfilled; they believe this can be achieved through education.

The donation from AFD will be used to purchase new classroom furniture so that the children have proper facilities to enhance their learning experiences.

Ehlers-Danlos Support UK

This charity works across the whole UK providing information and support to people affected by any type of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS); a group of inherited disorders that affect connective tissues

The donation from AFD will be used towards the charity’s core information and support services which provide a lifeline and vital, informed support which is not available anywhere else.

Ellan Vannin Care Home

Established in 1838, Ellan Vannin Care Home is one of the island’s oldest residential homes and offers affordable accommodation for the elderly in a safe and friendly environment.

The donation from AFD was used towards undertaking remedial work to re-roof the Home and to improve the insulation thus benefiting the residents by making the Home safe and considerably warmer.

Emmanuel Church Fleetwood

A Christ centred, missional community, Emmanuel Church Fleetwood, has 3 expressions (congregations) and a major community ministry, offering practical help with identified needs.

The donation from AFD was used to support the West Fleetwood Computer Clinic’s Laptops for Schools project. In total, the project provided over 220 connected devices to local schools during lockdown to provide access to online school learning to those children without devices at home.

Essential Christian

Essential Christian runs the annual Spring Harvest event, a Christian teaching and worship gathering, which this year moved online after the UK went into lockdown. Ordinarily connecting around 20,000 people, this year the online event reached over 200,000 unique viewers in 97 countries.

As the organisational costs of the event outweigh the income generated, the AFD donation helps to keep the event running, offering more people the opportunity to encounter God and deepen their discipleship and worship.

Essential Christian’s Hope for Lebedyn

Working to bring the Christian message to the poorest region in Ukraine, this charity delivers camp programmes bringing many young people to faith as well as evangelistic campaigns through visiting the 2,000+ abandoned children in orphanages.

The donation from AFD allowed the completion of a new building in which to deliver their evangelistic work with sports events, music, and teaching events. They have also been able to purchase and distribute 2,000 copies of the Jesus Story Book Bible to every child residing in the orphanages.

Evangelical Alliance

Representing their members since 1846, the Evangelical Alliance is the oldest and largest evangelical unity movement; made up of hundreds of organisations, thousands of churches and tens of thousands of individuals all joined together for the sake of the gospel to make Jesus known.

The AFD donation will be used to further strengthen the work and impact of the alliance for the Kingdom; allowing them to continue to be a voice for the church into every level of society.

  • Website:
  • Nominated by David and Alison Dorricott

The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion

The Faraday Institute for Science & Religion engages communities around the world with a positive message about the relationship between science and faith in such a way that they believe will bring glory to God and further His Kingdom.

AFD’s donation will support overseas courses over the coming year, in particular a proposed course hosted by the leader of the Langham Partnership in Lebanon, which has once again reverted to the status of a developing country.


Running annually since 1997, Firestarter is a youth camp festival for high school aged teenagers with an aim to share God’s love through spending time with young people, encouraging them and helping them through the challenges of life.

The donation from AFD will be used to subsidise places for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to attend, giving young adults from every walk of life the opportunity to experience Firestarter.

GAP Ministries

GAP Ministries seeks to promote the furtherance of the Christian Church in North India, Nepal and other parts of SE Asia.

As the charity campus is many miles away from a hospital, the donation from AFD will be used to purchase the supplies to decorate and equip a medical room onsite, supporting the Rupaidhia community and other nearby villages near to the India-Nepal border.

Glory House of Prayer (GHOP)

GHOP run and host discipleship schools, Biblical study, evangelistic conferences, and a prayer ministry in the South of Egypt.

The donation from AFD will support the ongoing running costs of the charity for up to 3 months, allowing them to continue their ministry and outreach work in the region.

  • Nominated by Alison & David Dorricott


Graih supports those 18 years and older on the Isle of Man who are homeless or vulnerable, by delivering both practical and emotional support.

The AFD donation will be directed towards running their emergency night shelter, the drop-in centre which provides individuals with food and warmth and also to support those in the community to remain in their accommodation.

Guts UK Charity

Founded in 1971, Guts UK is the only UK charity funding research into the digestive system from ‘top-to-tail’, the gut, liver and pancreas. The charity exists to help combat suffering exacerbated by a lack of knowledge about the complex nature of our guts.

The donation from AFD will be used towards funding research, raising awareness, and providing advice and information for people affected by digestive disorders.

Hands of Hope

Hands of Hope is a charity founded on Christian faith seeking to help the vulnerable and disadvantaged people of Romania by befriending families, enabling education, distributing aid, and working within the community.

The donation from AFD will be used to purchase a dedicated vehicle for use in Romania meaning the charity workers will no longer have to borrow vehicles or use public transport, which is often badly maintained and without safety features such as seatbelts.

HBOT IOM (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Isle of Man)

HBOT IOM was established with the objective of providing the charitable treatment, application, and administration of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for the management of certain medical conditions, together with the relief of pain and suffering.

The donation from AFD will help towards the charity’s third stage payment to install and purchase a new Hyperbaric Chamber, which as well as helping people recover from a range of injuries, will in some cases, provide lifesaving treatment.

  • Website:
  • Nominated by Alison & David Dorricott

HEART UK – The Cholesterol Charity

HEART UK is the only charity in the UK dedicated to saving lives by helping people avoid heart attacks, strokes and vascular dementia caused by high cholesterol, which affects 1 in every 2 adults and often runs in families as an inherited condition.

The donation from AFD will go towards running webinars, production and print of existing and new literature as well as towards funding the charity’s helpline, supporting the hundreds of people who contact them each year for advice.

Hope for Justice

Hope for Justice is a global organisation, implementing anti-slavery programs across five continents in eight countries – Ethiopia, Cambodia, Norway, Uganda, USA, UK, Australia, and Zimbabwe. Their vision is to live in a world completely free from slavery.

AFD’s donation will be directed to the purchase of a vehicle to be used for field visits supporting the reintegration of rescued children as part of the Lighthouse Program in Uganda, which provides emergency, short term shelter to vulnerable children immediately following their rescue.

International Justice Mission (IJM) UK

IJM partners with local authorities in 14 different countries to strengthen justice systems to protect vulnerable people from atrocities such as human trafficking, slavery and violence against women and children. Their work has seen reductions in the prevalence of exploitation and abuse by as much as 86% .

The donation from AFD will be used in South Asia to cover the cost of a year’s worth of IJM’s investigations, aftercare, and legal work for the Chennai team as they address bonded labour slavery.

Isle Listen

Isle Listen’s aim is to equip the Island’s young people with the skills and resilience to navigate the mental health and emotional challenges of 21st century life by providing education, early intervention, and prevention skills.

The AFD donation will be used to support the vision to extend the one-to-one listening service, Personal Social Health & Economics (PSHE) lessons, workshops, and assemblies into some of the Island’s primary schools.

Isle of Man Live at Home Schemes

Supporting over 500 people locally, Isle of Man Live at Home Schemes work to improve the quality of life for older people by eliminating social isolation and loneliness.

The AFD donation will be used to support the ongoing costs associated with the day-to-day work of the organisation, specifically their group activities and events.

Isle of Play

Isle of Play champion and provide opportunities for children to fulfil their ‘Right to Play’ on the Island through face-to-face interaction with as many as 1,000 children each week via initiatives such as Forest School, Playing Out and Lester’s Yard Adventure playground.

The donation from AFD will go straight to the delivery of services, helping them to reach and provide play opportunities, food, and mentorship for children across the Island.

Kintsugi Hope

Kintsugi Hope exists to see a world where mental and emotional wellbeing is understood and accepted with safe and supportive communities for everyone to grow and flourish.

The donation from AFD has been used to support the growth of their Wellbeing Groups which create welcoming and inclusive communities to be able to support more people.

Long Life Ministries

Long Life Ministries exists to bring hope, healing, and compassion into the lives of those who have been touched by illness in any form, through counselling and ministry.

The donation from AFD will be used to support upcoming initiatives such as book and DVD publishing, sharing testimonies of those who have experienced change through the ministry.

Make-A-Wish UK

Make-A-Wish UK is part of a global movement that was established in the UK in 1986 to create life-changing experiences for those who’ve had their childhoods affected by the diagnosis of a critical condition.

With over 2,000 children waiting for their one true wish, the donation from AFD will be directed immediately towards wish granting.

Manx Carriage Driving 4 Disabled (MCD4D)

MCD4D aim to provide an inclusive activity for individuals with disabilities. As well as providing physical activity safely in the outdoors, the charity also encourages social interaction and all activities are open to any member, regardless of ability.

The donation from AFD has been successfully match-funded to purchase a new purpose-built wheelchair-accessible carriage, which will facilitate the opportunity of carriage driving to a wider section of the community, whilst providing a more comfortable drive for the charity’s clients.

Manx Competitive Music, Speech & Dance Festival

Locally known as ‘The Guild’, this festival provides a platform for people of all ages to compete against each other in music, speech, and dance in front of a live audience and professional adjudicator, giving them encouragement and feedback to allow them to develop skills and gain confidence.

The donation from AFD will be used to provide a scholarship opportunity for one of the younger competitors who, based on their performance, shows promise in the 2022 festival; the scholarship will support a course to further their musical, drama or dance skills.

Marie Keating Foundation

This Foundation is one of the leading voices in Ireland committed to supporting people diagnosed with cancer and their families, at every step of their journey.

The donation from AFD will be directed to the Marie Keating Foundation’s life-saving cancer prevention, awareness, and support services.

Mary’s Meals

Mary’s Meals provides one good meal every school day for hungry children living in 19 countries around the world. The promise of these meals attracts children to the classroom where they can gain an education and grow up well-nourished and well-educated to become the men and women who will lift their communities out of poverty.

The donation from AFD will provide meals for 125 children for the whole school year.

MCH Psychological Services

MCH Psychological Services work to remove the stigma surrounding mental health; enabling more people of all ages on Island to access vital information and support, as well as helping people living with cancer diagnosis and other life-changing conditions focus on their emotional wellbeing.

The AFD donation will go towards the annual costs required to continue the provision of these vital support services.

Mission Aviation Fellowship UK (MAF UK)

MAF UK believes that every community, however remote, should have the essentials for life. Operating 123 light aircraft across 27 developing countries, MAF multiplies the effectiveness of around 1,400 aid, charitable and Christian organisations, opening doors to people and places that they would otherwise struggle to reach.

The donation from AFD will be used to support Uganda Relief and Development flights, which provide a lifeline to isolated refugee communities by bringing medical supplies, food security and clean water, education, economic and livelihood training, and spiritual hope.

Moorlands College

Moorlands College offer theological education for people training for a variety of ministries within the Christian Church; their mission is to equip people passionate about Jesus Christ, to impact the Church and the world.

In addition to supporting the application and assessment for degree-awarding powers, the donation from AFD will also help the continued roll-out of blended learning including the consultancy, infrastructure and training essential to the project.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society

The MS Society’s work is based on the hopes and aspirations of their MS Community; together they campaign at all levels, fund ground-breaking research, and provide award-winning support and information.

With money already invested in research leading to significant progress in the treatment of MS, the AFD donation will also be directed towards further research and the society’s vision of a world free from the effects of MS.

Myeloma UK

The only organisation in the UK dealing exclusively with myeloma, a cancer of the blood arising from plasma cells, Myeloma UK are dedicated to those affected by making sure they get the right treatment at the right time.

With an ongoing commitment to invest in ground-breaking research, the donation from AFD will be used towards their program of world-leading genetics research and innovative clinical trials as well as their support services for patients and their families.

One World Centre (OWC) Isle of Man

OWC aims to raise awareness of global issues and encourage a positive response; promoting understanding and respect for the lives and cultures of all people, helping to shape a fairer world and a cleaner, more sustainable planet. They run the One World Charity Challenge each year which encourages Year 12 students to actively engage with their roles as world citizens and advocate for charities working in the developing world.

As well as funding the administration and organisation and hosting of the One World Challenge across the Island’s secondary schools, AFD also donates the prize fund.

Open Doors

Working in over 60 countries globally, Open Doors exists to support and advocate for Christians who are discriminated against or persecuted because of their faith whilst also striving to strengthen the work and witness of churches in these nations.

The donation from AFD will be directed to Open Doors’ ‘Where Most Needed Fund’ which can then be distributed according to immediate need. This year they have supported international projects such as the supply of food and COVID relief aid to North Korean Christians and the provision of vocational training for hundreds of young people in Syria.


Ovacome is the UK’s ovarian cancer charity focused on providing support and information to those who have either been diagnosed with the disease or think they might be at risk, as well as their friends and family and healthcare professionals.

The donation from AFD will be used towards running their support services which include, but are not limited to, a telephone support line, email and instant chat support, a 24-hour online forum, and informational events.

Parkinson’s UK

Parkinson’s UK is the leading research, information and support charity for people living with Parkinson’s, a progressive neurological condition, and their loved ones based across the UK.

The AFD donation will be used towards either research projects, information and support services or Parkinson’s nurses helping to benefit an estimated 145,000 people living with Parkinson’s in the UK.

PDA Society

This charity seeks to increase acceptance and understanding of Pathological Demand Avoidance, a profile on the autism spectrum, to improve outcomes for individuals and their families by focusing on ‘what helps?’.

The PDA Society receives no external funding and is run mainly by volunteers; the donation from AFD will provide significant help towards the ongoing costs of running their support services.

Plan International UK

Children’s charity, Plan International UK, work with boys and girls growing up in some of the world’s poorest communities; making sure they have access to education, health care, clean water, and the future opportunities they need to thrive.

The donation from AFD will go towards the fight for girls’ rights and the improvement of girls’ lives globally; challenging gender inequality and seeking to put an end to harmful practices such as child marriage and female genital mutilation.

Quicken Trust

Based in Kabubbu, Uganda, The Quicken Trust aim to show the love of God in action through the provision of the resources the community lacks, assisting them in acquiring skills to be able to sustain the community and provide for themselves.

The AFD donation is being used in full to support the Kabubbu Development Project, a registered Ugandan NGO which will assist the trust in delivering long-term solutions for hunger and nutrition, therefore boosting immunity and helping children to succeed in education and overcome poverty.

Ramsey Baptist Church

RBC are a community-focused church aiming to make Jesus known by reaching out to the wider community through free outreach events.

The donation from AFD will be used for community activities over the Christmas period and beyond; all of which are freely available to the local community.

Ramsey Town Band

Re-formed in 1981, Ramsey Town Band is the premier brass band from the North of the Isle of Man. As well as representing the Island at competitions in the UK, they can regularly be found providing music and entertainment for events in the local community.

The donation from AFD will be used to purchase new chairs and music for the band, together with help with travelling costs for the band to compete in Blackpool in 2022.

Rebecca House

Rebecca House, situated on the Isle of Man, provides respite, palliative, and end of life care for children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions from birth to 18 years.

The AFD donation will be used to help provide respite stays, which may be for weekly sessions or block care depending on the needs of the family and may include care to assist with symptoms and pain management or end of life care.

RNLI Ramsey

The RNLI is a voluntary organisation involved in the safeguarding of those using the waters around the British Isles, whether working at sea or engaged in leisure activities. One of five lifeboat stations on the Isle of Man, Ramsey has celebrated nearly 130 years of saving lives at sea.

The donation from AFD will go towards training the local crew in the latest techniques and skills required to operate their new state of the art lifeboat which will allow them to respond more quickly and effectively to emergencies at sea.


Broadcasting 24/7 over 4 satellite channels in 3 languages to an audience of 25 million viewers, SAT-7 provide inspirational and informative television services for the churches and Christians of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and educational programming for children and parents from all communities and backgrounds.

The donation from AFD went towards supporting the Audience Relations Team in Afghanistan along with the production and broadcasting costs for 4 series of Dari programmes bringing encouragement to Afghan Christians; enabling them to stand firm in their faith and renew their hope in the face of persecution.

Scripture Union Ministries Trust

SUMT operates Island-wide, employing a team of full-time church, community, and school workers to bring ‘Faith Within Reach’ of every child and young person and then work with those who are either interested in exploring the Christian faith or have a faith of their own.

The donation from AFD will be used to develop the school projects including the annual ‘LifePath’ event which runs for 6 days, welcoming around 700 Year 5 children and introducing them to different aspects of the Christian faith.

  • Website:
  • Nominated by Alison & David Dorricott

The Semiliki Trust

The Semiliki Trust supports entrepreneurial projects in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo; these include a network of 50 health centre and hospitals, an orphanage, and a graduate nursing institute.

The donation from AFD was used to help train health workers and church leaders to raise awareness in the population about COVID-19 and to purchase essential items. Within 2 weeks of distribution, 6 medical regions had been able to purchase supplies and re-distribute to at least 36 health facilities.

Simon on the Streets

This independent charity’s main work is to deliver unlimited emotional and practical support to homeless people and those at risk of being homeless in the areas of Leeds, Bradford, and Kirklees.

With an increase in homelessness following the withdrawal of the furlough scheme and the ending of the rental eviction ban, the donation from AFD will be used to meet the greater demand for support within West Yorkshire.

Source of Hope

Source of Hope work in the slums of Nairobi, providing schooling and school meals as well as supporting a small orphanage in the Kibera slum and they also work in rural areas of Kenya helping families to be food secure in spite of changing weather patterns.

With the donation from AFD, they were able to open the Inyuu Conservation Centre, demonstrating the advantage of conservation farming versus traditional methods, which often fall short in providing for the family. By educating local Kenyans, it empowers them to make the changes to support their families and communities themselves.


S4A are committed and dedicated to helping end domestic abuse on the Isle of Man and aim to champion the needs of people affected by domestic abuse through training and advocacy. They have been involved in consultations and the reshaping of the Domestic Abuse Bill and advised on the Government COVID Bronze working group.

The donation from AFD will fund 2 places on the ‘Own My Life’ course; a recovery course for women to help them rebuild their lives and move on from abusive relationships.

Stauros Foundation Isle of Man

Stauros Foundation IOM works alongside vulnerable people and their families, who are in bondage to addictions. Their experience is that Jesus Christ can set people free from addiction.

The donation from AFD will help to offset some of the operating costs of the charity allowing them to continue with their work supporting local residents.

St Christopher’s Fellowship IOM

This charity works with the Island’s most vulnerable young people who on many occasions, through no fault of their own, have been removed from the family home following a traumatic experience. They aim to build trust and respect by creating positive experiences to help the young people develop, prosper, and make a positive contribution to society, despite the challenges they face.

The AFD donation will be used to plan an event for all young people involved in the charity to attend and spend quality time celebrating their achievements throughout the year.

Swell Revolution

Swell Revolution is an innovative charity that commission and produce artistic and educational content to promote the Christian faith through music, literature, and film.

The donation from AFD is being used as a match funding opportunity to help launch the ministry of Cheeky Pandas, which provides fun free online resources including songs, music videos, episodes, and devotionals, to help children and families grow in their faith.


Tearfund is a Christian charity which partners with churches in more than 50 of the world’s poorest countries tackling poverty and injustice through sustainable development, disaster response, and the challenging of injustices.

The support from AFD this year has been in response to immediate need for several emergency situations; funds have been sent to help meet basic needs such as water for around 550,000 displaced Afghans suffering in the recent Afghanistan conflict. AFD also responded to the crisis in Syria which has seen an estimated 13.4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance and further support has been pledged to assist 800 families in Haiti purchase basic essentials following the earthquake in the region in August, which killed around 1,400 people.

Transforming Places CIC

Also known as ‘Movement Day UK’, Transforming Places catalyses Christian leaders to transform their cities spiritually, culturally, and socially by working together in a strategic and coordinated way to develop and implement a 15-year transformation vision locally.

The donation from AFD will be used to extend support across 11 cities for the ‘Movement for Recovery’ initiative which in response to the pandemic crisis has formed learning communities, provided mentoring and supported city leaders.

United Christian Broadcasters Ireland (UCB)

UCB is a Christian media charity based in Stoke-on-Trent, broadcasting the Word of God, in a relevant and engaging way to the UK and beyond on DAB and internet radio. It also publishes and distributes the Word for Today and operates a national Prayerline.

The AFD donation will be designated to a much-needed project to strengthen their Prayerline service by providing both technological infrastructures to allow volunteers to operate remotely and also to recruit and train a backlog of interested volunteers.

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Currently involved in over ¾’s of the global Bible translation efforts, Wycliffe has a vision for a world where everyone can know Jesus through the Bible and so they work to deliver translations to communities in the language which best speaks to them.

The donation from AFD supported local and national translators with training and salary costs accelerating the work of Bible translation at a critical time, allowing translators to launch more than one new translation each week.

Yemen Crisis Response

Six years into an armed conflict that has killed and injured over 18,400 civilians, Yemen remains the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. Yemen is experiencing the world’s worst food security crisis with 20.1 million people—nearly two-thirds of the population—requiring food assistance at the beginning of 2020.

In summer 2021, AFD made a donation to an organisation working in Yemen which put into action a plan to help tackle food poverty and fuel shortages at a local level amongst the most affected and impoverished. The project is sustainable, with the hope that training will allow its success to be replicated locally.

Due to the volatility of the Yemeni situation and the associated security risks in the area, no further details of the charity or personnel involved can be published.

  • Nominated by Alison & David Dorricott 
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