AFD 2019 Charity Presentation

Welcome to our 22nd AFD Charity Evening – we’re so pleased that you are able to join us for this rather special celebration!

We are living in a time of considerable uncertainty and anxiety – some would say of chaos, yet there is much to celebrate, so we really hope that you find this evening to be full of hope, joy, inspiration and even challenge, that it is possible to make an enormous difference in a troubled world.

Our team have worked hard again this year – as in the other 35 years that AFD has been in existence – and you will undoubtedly have benefitted from our products, though you may not realise it! Our software helps make sure that products and services – including many of the things bought online, end up at the right destination efficiently and accurately.

To put it in the topical language of green-issues, our products save waste and thousands of miles of wasted journeys!

In July this year, we celebrated 60 years of the British Postcode System – when Ernest Marples, Postmaster General, commissioned the first ELSIE sorting machines to help sort the post in the Norwich area. Now more than ever, that humble bit of data pervades life in the 21st century British Isles – and the AFD Team are the leading experts on that data anywhere in the world.

At an entirely different level, AFD is thrilled to partner with the many amazing people and organisations contained in these pages – and many of whom are represented here tonight. Our company objectives, one of which is “To generate profits, and to use them creatively in the relief of suffering, the improvement of society and furtherance of the Christian gospel” is fulfilled through the hard work and dedication of many thousands of others who take the gift nominated by an AFD team member, and multiply its effect around the world. We are incredibly grateful for the privilege of working with you all. Thank you for coming along – and for your support. Please enjoy the hospitality of Mountain View, and be prepared to be inspired and challenged by the people you will meet tonight – and the more detailed insight we’ll get into a few of the organisations who partner with us.

1st Rainbow Scout Group Ellan Vannin

The aim of this charity is to encourage the physical and mental development of young people with complex additional needs and disabilities, so that they may take up a constructive place within society.

The donation from AFD will be used towards vital running costs of the organisation ensuring the children are able to continue participating in scouting, with the other Island groups.


4.2.20 Foundation

Located in Jerusalem, the 4.2.20 Foundation is committed to advancing access and engagement with the whole Word of God for every language, culture and people.

The donation will be used towards enabling the training of sufficient consultants and mother tongue translators so that the translation of the Old Testament can begin in every language, by the year 2033.



Actions Not Words

Based in a garbage slum called ‘Gioto’ on the outskirts of Nakuru in Kenya, Actions Not Words’ primary focus is to help families that live and work on the dumpsite through education, food provision, parental support, HIV awareness courses and supporting children through bereavement and other traumas.

In Kenya, even access to the most basic medical treatment must all be paid for and so the donation from AFD will be used to cover medical and counselling bills, lifting the burden off the families who otherwise would not seek treatment.



Alzheimer’s Research UK

As the UK’s leading dementia research charity, Alzheimer’s Research UK is dedicated to understanding causes, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and cure of this debilitating disease.

The donation from AFD will help fund ground-breaking research including the ongoing development of a DNA bank, providing an important resource available to researchers across the UK and beyond.



Beach Buddies

In addition to running beach cleaning events since 2012, Beach Buddies’ primary focus is now about environmental awareness education in schools and across society, especially regarding our oceans.

The donation from AFD will be used to enhance their education programme globally and will be directed chiefly towards a major update of their website, again focusing on education.



The Bonar Trust

The Bonar Trust encourages, supports and trains the next generation of church leaders in Scotland, by investing in and developing training programs and pathways and by running leadership conferences and events.

The donation from AFD will be used to further invest in key leaders committed to building a network of training churches in Scotland.

  • Website :
  • Nominated by David & Alison Dorricott
  • Represented by David Vardy



Bowel Cancer Isle of Man

Working within the Island at community level, this charity raises awareness and provides support for those who have been affected by bowel cancer.

The donation from AFD will be used to purchase replacement equipment required for colonoscopies and also towards the repurposing of a room in the Endoscopy Unit, for consultants to talk to patients in private.



Bunscoill Rhumsaa

Bunscooil Rhumsaa is the local primary school based in Ramsey, Isle of Man. They believe children learn better when they are encouraged to use their imagination and apply learning to engaging contexts.

The donation from AFD was used towards the cost of the Year 6 Leavers hoodies ensuring that every child was included and received a hoodie.



Bunscoill Rhumsaa STAR Centre

Based within the local primary school, the STAR centre works with primary school aged children who have profound and complex needs, encouraging them to engage and grow in confidence and learning.

The donation from AFD will be used to upgrade the current outdoor facilities to create a rich outdoor all-weather environment for the children, increasing their engagement with the natural world and their general wellbeing.



C3 Foundation Europe

C3 Foundation Europe provide information, resources and accredited alcohol abuse counselling support, using The Sinclair Method, to help people in recovery from their alcohol dependency.

The donation from AFD will allow the organisation to train a further person to become an accredited alcohol abuse counsellor, potentially providing support to an additional 300 people, per year.



CARE (Christian Action Research & Education)

CARE seeks to combine practical caring initiatives at a national and community level, on social and ethical issues, by campaigning and providing resources to help bring Christian insight and experience to matters of public policy.

The donation from AFD will enable CARE to help more women facing the challenges of unwanted pregnancies and post abortion trauma through the equipping of individual Christians and churches to practically change lives for the better.



Care for the Family

Working across the UK and Isle of Man, Care for the Family works to strengthen family life; strengthening couples, equipping parents and supporting bereaved people by providing events, resources, courses and training.

The donation from AFD will be used to support training and event delivery across the Isle of Man, including more taster sessions of their Inspire resource which helps parents to intentionally nurture faith in the home.

  • Website :
  • Nominated by David & Alison Dorricott
  • Represented by Traci Lowden-Stoole



Children’s Unit Amenity Fund: Ramsey Respite Centre

Ramsey Respite Centre provides respite and support to young people with a disability and their families, from all over the island. They provide a home-from-home environment in which young people can make new friends, gain additional skills and enjoy being part of the local community.

The donation from AFD will be used to purchase a fully accessible outdoor wooden sensory finger maze, designed with a variety of texture and colour, helping to develop motor skills and encouraging social skills such as sharing and co-operation.

  • Contact :
  • Nominated by Steve Tyler
  • Represented by Sue Tyler



The Christian Institute

The Christian Institute is a non-denominational charity working in the UK to uphold the truths of the Bible. They help individual Christians and churches by providing key information on strategic issues and also help individuals facing discrimination because of their faith.

AFD’s donation will be used to meet costs incurred by their Living Christianity course which challenges Christians to live as salt and light, and also to help develop their database and informational processes which underpin their work.



Christians Against Poverty

CAP partners exclusively with the local church to provide the poorest and most vulnerable in our society with debt counselling, back to work initiatives, training around life skills and the ability to tackle dependencies; all at no cost to the client.

The donation from AFD has been used towards their matched funding drive to generate new charity support partnerships, resulting in over 900 individual commitments of support of sustainable monthly funds.



The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity

Based at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, this charity operates across 18 sites in Merseyside and Cheshire supporting a wide range of health-related activities focusing on patient care, vital research and the latest therapies and innovations in cancer treatment.

AFD’s donation will be used to part-fund three scalp cooling systems which are proven to be an effective way of combatting chemotherapy-induced hair loss, allowing patients to regain control, maintain their privacy and encourage a positive attitude to treatment




Depher is a not-for-profit organisation who deliver free plumbing and heating services to the elderly and disabled in the Lancashire area, ensuring that financial concerns don’t affect their ability to have the provision of heat and hot water.

The donation from AFD will be used for the purchase of materials and also for running costs making a world of difference to those marginalised people who otherwise would not be able to afford plumbing and heating services



DO! Developing Orphans

Working in Northern Uganda, DO! Is helping to rebuild two local communities recovering from civil war by supporting orphan-led families to survive and thrive through self-sufficiency and education.

The donation from AFD will be used towards training one of the orphans to become a nurse



Drop Inn Ministries

Drop Inn Ministries work both locally and globally to bring help and hope in our hurting world through initiatives such as delivering humanitarian aid in Africa, Venezuela and Eastern Europe and locally, providing a safe space for those struggling with mental health. The charity inspired Charlotte, a sixth form student from RGS to support the appeal, making her own boxes paid for by undertaking part-time work in her spare time.

The donation from AFD will directly cover the postage costs of all Charlotte’s shoeboxes and will also be used to support children and families in desperate situations in Venezuela, with any surplus being shared in Drop Inn’s local ‘Renew’ centres

  • Website :
  • Nominated by Kev Ross
  • Represented by Alison & Steve Taylor



Educate the Kids

This charity’s vision is to see the children in Africa have their needs met, their rights upheld and their dreams fulfilled.

The donation from AFD will be used to subsidise the provision of lunches to all children attending school and to improve their infrastructure; extending school facilities to accommodate more children.



Ehlers-Danlos Support UK

This organisation works across the UK to improve the quality of life for people living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes, a group of genetic connective tissue disorders that affect the whole body, with often disabling symptoms.

AFD’s donation will be used to help fund essential support services, which encompasses physical and virtual support groups and a freephone helpline helping to make what is often an isolating and lonely condition more manageable.



Essential Christian

Essential Christian runs the annual Spring Harvest event, a Christian teaching and worship gathering which runs over the Easter holidays in Minehead, Skegness and Harrogate, drawing people from throughout the UK, connecting around 20,000 people.

The donation from AFD will help with the running costs of the event which can be transformative for many of those who attend.



Essential Christian (Missions Department)

EEC aim to bring the hope of Jesus through church-based mission within a rural area of Lebedyn Ukraine; coping with high unemployment, a large disability populous, around 3,000 children in orphanages and an influx of refugees, this area represents the poorest region in the country.

After their sound equipment broke, AFD’s donation will be used to purchase a new PA Sound System and associated equipment allowing the charity to continue with its puppet theatre, sharing bible-based stories to thousands of children in the 28 local orphanages.



European Youth Ministry Network

The EYMN is a community of leaders committed to reaching Europeans from Christ by igniting joint reaching and discipling initiatives across national borders between churches, denominations, youth ministry organisations and youth networks.

The donation from AFD was used to support attendance by one of EYMN’s young leaders at an international forum. The forum aimed to help attendees connect their business work to their ministry.



Evangelical Alliance

Representing their members since 1846, the Evangelical Alliance is the oldest and largest evangelical unity movement working across the UK to share their passion of making Jesus known and empower the wider community to have the confidence to talk about Him with courage and kindness. Gavin Calver, Chief Executive of the EA leads the Spring Harvest Planning Group and is a key speaker at Spring Harvest Holidays each year.

The donation from AFD played a huge part in the development for the ‘Great Commission’ one-stop evangelism hub which celebrates people coming to faith by sharing inspiring stories of lives transformed by Jesus.

  • Website :
  • Nominated by David & Alison Dorricott



The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion

Closely linked with Cambridge University, the Institute carry out research and dissemination on science and Christian faith, in order to communicate the harmony between these two great realms of human enquiry and experience.

The donation from AFD will be used to expand the work of the Youth and Schools Team to enable them to reach more schools, train more teachers and expand their repertoire of resources for both teachers and school pupils.

  • Website :
  • Nominated by David & Alison Dorricott
  • Represented by Dr Ruth Bancewicz
  • Ruth will share a short presentation with us this evening.




Firestarter is an annual youth camp for children aged 12 to 16 with the purpose of bringing God’s truth to the youth of the Island, in a fun and relevant way.

AFD’s donation will help more children to come to the youth camp by subsidising ticket prices for those who are struggling financially, ensuring the opportunities are open to all.



Friends of Chernobyl’s Children (Isle of Man)

FOCC is run by volunteers who facilitate recuperative holidays for Children from Belarus, aged 7-12 years, who are still suffering from the after-effects of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster. In addition to recreational activities, the children also visit dentists, opticians and where necessary, doctors during their Island visit.

The donation from AFD will assist in the transportation of the children from Belarus to the Isle of Man and provide clothing, shoes and other humanitarian aid to their families.

  • Website :
  • Nominated by Lindsey Corkill
  • Represented by Norman & Joan Rivers



GAP Ministries

GAP Ministries seeks to promote the furtherance of the Christian religion throughout the world via their missionary work in Asian churches, mainly in India and Nepal.

The donation from AFD will be directed towards improving the sanitation facilities in the ‘House of Glory’ which provides accommodation for up to 70 girls and towards building a new Nursery Class area, robust enough to protect from monsoons.



Glory House of Prayer

GHOP runs discipleship schools and theology studies in Egypt as well as using their pioneering desert base to send outreaches and undertake medical trips to the surrounding villages.

The donation from AFD will be used towards ministry, discipleship training and the House of Prayer allowing more young people to explore their relationship with God at a deeper level.




Graih serves those who are homeless and not in secure accommodation on the Isle of Man; pioneering the Island’s first night shelter through a pilot scheme, opening every night for emergency accommodation and providing hundreds of bed spaces .

The donation from AFD will go towards the running costs of the night shelter and also their drop-in service which provides practical support, emergency accommodation and a safe social space to welcome people on the margins and build transformative relationships with them.

  • Website :
  • Nominated by David & Alison Dorricott
  • Represented by Tom Bateman



Hands of Hope

Hands of Hope seek to help the poor, needy and disadvantaged people of Romania by befriending families, enabling education, distributing aid and working within the community.

The donation from AFD will be used to provide access to education in Romania by funding staff and resources, thus supporting extra tuition sessions, in a bid to break the cycle of poverty.

  • Website :
  • Nominated by David & Alison Dorricott
  • Represented by Ruth & Chris Baker and Gill & Chris Kirk



Healing Little Hearts

HLH performs free cardiac surgery on babies, infants and children in the world’s poorest countries. To date they have operated on over 1,800 children in 12 countries globally.

The donation from AFD will be used to help fund an International cardiac camp where 12 -15 children will receive lifesaving heart surgery, that they otherwise would not have had access to.



HEART UK – The Cholesterol Charity

HEART UK is the only charity in the UK dedicated to saving lives by helping people avoid heart attacks and strokes caused by high cholesterol, by raising awareness and through initiatives such as their unique cholesterol helpline which is also available in Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi.

The donation from AFD will be used to support free of charge literature and fact sheets which are distributed through GP surgeries and clinics all over Great Britain, providing much needed information and raising awareness.



Hope for Justice

Hope for Justice is a global anti-trafficking charity working across 24 locations in five continents to bring an end to modern slavery by helping to prevent exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives and reforming society.

The donation from AFD will be directed to their Lighthouse Assessment Centres in Ethiopia and Uganda which provide emergency, short-term shelter to vulnerable children immediately following their rescue from sex or labour trafficking, or from the streets where they are susceptible to exploitation.

  • Website :
  • Nominated by David & Alison Dorricott
  • Represented by Elaine Jones
  • Elaine will share a short presentation with us this evening.



Housing Matters Isle of Man

Housing Matters provide advice, guidance and support for those in housing crisis on the Isle of Man.

The donation from AFD will be used to fund the collection and distribution of donated furniture that service users could otherwise not afford.




Operating in South Africa, Ikhaya Le Themba is a faith-based, non-profit organisation built on biblical values, equipping communities to care for vulnerable families through community and skills development initiatives.

AFD’s donation will be allocated between ensuring food security through their community garden and obtaining food parcels as well as towards skill development.



Isle Listen

Isle Listen supports a fully inclusive approach to mental health in young people on the Isle of Man. This year they launched their pilot listening service, providing support to young people who may be struggling within school.

AFD’s donation will be used to help subsidise running costs, allowing the service to continue helping young people access appropriate solutions to help with their mental health.

  • Website :
  • Nominated by Lisa Rodick
  • Represented by Annabel Chambers & Jessica Mackie



Isle of Man Foodbank

The Foodbank plays an important role within the community, providing food and direction to those in crisis, focusing on providing hand-ups, not hand-outs and thus supporting their return to independence.

The donation from AFD will be used to install an outdoor charging point for their electric vehicle making their ability to deliver food to those in crisis more sustainable and with less harm to the environment.



Isle of Man Live at Home

Operating within the communities on the Island, Live at Home supports over 500 members offering companionship, conversation and friendship which is vital in enhancing the quality of the lives of older people by tackling social isolation and loneliness.

The donation from AFD will be used for the maintenance and upkeep of the vehicles used to transport their members, ensuring no one remains isolated or can’t attend activities due to a lack of access to transportation.

  • Website :
  • Nominated by Catherine Simpson
  • Represented by Jackie Bridson & Kerry Palmer
  • Jackie and Kerry will share a short presentation with us this evening.



Leukaemia Care – South & City College, Birmingham

Leukaemia is a cancer which starts in blood-forming tissue and leads to an over-production of abnormal white blood cells, the part of the immune system which defends the body against infection.

AFD’s donation was made to support the team of 15 staff and students of South & City College Birmingham who undertook the 100 miles Birmingham & Midlands Velo event to raise money in memory of one their college managers and family members, in a bid to raise vital funds to help beat the disease.



Long Life Ministries

Long Life Ministries exists to bring hope, healing and compassion into the lives of those who have been touched by illness, in any form, through counselling and ministry.

The donation from AFD will be used to support upcoming initiatives such as books, a CD and DVD to share testimonies of those who have experienced change through their ministry.



Mannin Sepsis

Mannin Sepsis work on the Isle of Man to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of sepsis which can help with early diagnosis, potentially saving lives.

The donation from AFD will be used to maintain public awareness adverts in both the Sea Terminal, airport and on public transport, giving more people the knowledge to spot the signs earlier.



The Manx Deaf Society

The Society provide support and understanding for those people in the deaf and hard of hearing community by facilitating equipment to try at home, lipreading classes, BSL classes, deaf awareness, training and support groups.

The donation from AFD was used to support their recent renovation ensuring the building was not only fit for purpose and accessible but also providing a building where support and training sessions can be held.



Manx Heart Foundation

The objectives of this charity are to advance the fight against heart disease so that it is no longer a major cause of disability and premature death on the Island and to promote the health and wellbeing of sufferers through various initiatives.

The donation from AFD will be used towards the acquiring of equipment to enable angiograms to be undertaken on the Isle of Man, not only reducing waiting time but also travel costs to the UK.



Max Appeal

Max Appeal support those affected by 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome, also known as DiGeorge Syndrome or VCFS, and their families, by providing information, support and raising awareness about the disorder.

The donation from AFD will be used to supply information booklets for both parents and professionals about 22q11.2 Syndrome ensuring knowledge is shared so that affected children receive the best care and support on their 22q11.2 journey.



MCH Psychological Services

Manx Cancer Help Psychological Services provide specialist psychological therapies for people with cancer and other life-changing conditions. These therapies are provided by a range of professionals including qualified Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

The donation from AFD will fund counselling session costs, allowing the charity to support people and their families who are struggling mentally with a health diagnosis.



Myeloma UK

Myeloma is a form of blood cancer that is treatable but not yet curable. Myeloma UK is dedicated to ensuring patients get access to the right treatment at the right time and to provide opportunities for patients and their families to share experiences and gain peer support for this rare and often isolating disease.

The donation from AFD will be used to help fund their core services which include, but are not limited to, printed information, website content, online support, phone helpline and patient advocacy.



One World Centre

The OWC aims to raise awareness of global issues by promoting understanding and respect for the lives and cultures of all people, helping to shape a fairer world and a cleaner, more sustainable planet. Their annual One World Challenge teaches Year 12 students about global development issues, and how they can support charities working to improve the lives of people overseas.

As well as funding the administration and organisation of the One World Challenge across the Island’s secondary schools, and providing the venue and refreshments for the Final presentation evening, the donation from AFD also funds the prizes won by the teams of competing students for their chosen charities.



Parkinson’s UK

Parkinson’s UK is on a mission to change attitudes, support everyone affected by Parkinson’s and find a cure. Although working mainly in the UK, some of their research projects are undertaken in collaboration with overseas organisations.

The donation from AFD will help the charity support those affected at a local and national level by funding roles such as helpline advisors, clinical researchers, specialist nurses or for resources required for research.



Project 21

Project 21 provides a headquarters and social amenity centre for 5 local Manx charities who all assist people with learning difficulties.

With high maintenance costs, the donation from AFD will be used towards the general upkeep of the premises ensuring it remains accessible to all service users.

  • Website :
  • Nominated by Neil Thompson
  • Represented by Geoff & Elan Karran



Quicken Trust

Working in Kabubbu, a rural area in Uganda, Quicken Trust shows the love of God in action by providing the community with the resources they lack, assisting them in training and acquiring the knowledge and skills they need to sustain the projects commenced towards self-sustainability.

The support from AFD will be used to provide 40 children with a bursary for primary education creating a chain of academic success, building community spirit and also creating work opportunities and reducing urban migration.

  • Website :
  • Nominated by David & Alison Dorricott
  • Represented by Geoff & Geraldine Booker



Ramsey Baptist Church

RBC is a community-loving church aiming to make Jesus known by reaching out to the wider community through initiatives such as Messy Church.

The donation from AFD will be used to promote and facilitate their community activities over the Christmas period and throughout the year.



Ramsey Carnival

The Ramsey Carnival is now in its third year of revival after a 24-year hiatus. The carnival creates a feeling of community spirit with schools and community groups coming together to take part in a procession through the town.

The donation from AFD along with that of other local businesses cover the costs associated with delivering the Carnival, as the committee work towards self-sufficiency.

  • Nominated by David & Alison Dorricott
  • Represented by James & Angelina Gale



Reach IOM

Reach IOM is a newly founded charity that aims to raise awareness and provide support to those who are suffering from mental health issues on the Isle of Man.

The donation will be used to support set up costs including the provision of employing someone full time and paying for a property that can be used as a base from which the Charity can run.



Rebecca House

Rebecca House provides palliative care to terminally ill children with life limiting illness giving all patients dignity and the very best of care throughout their journey from referral to discharge or end of life care.

The donation from AFD will be used for the running costs associated with the inpatient unit, day care and drop in centre, complimentary therapy service, Hospice at Home, specialist palliative care community nurses and psychological support.




The RNLI is a voluntary organisation involved in the safeguarding of those using the waters around the British Isles, whether working at sea or engaged in leisure activities.

As the Station House in Ramsey is being modernised, the donation from AFD will be used to fund increased storage, enabling more state-of-the-art equipment to be housed and therefore operated by the crew, maintaining the integrity of the service they provide.

  • Website :
  • Nominated by Jonathan Sutherland
  • Represented by Chris Brown & Kevin Christian



The Rock Foundation

Mainly focused in the UK, The Rock Foundation enthuses Christians through resources such as The Word One to One initiative, to take the message of the Bible to their unique circle of contacts, allowing the Word to speak for itself.

The donation from AFD is being used to help employ a Training Director for Scotland who as well as training churches in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Orkney, is lighting fires by inviting non-Christians to have a look at the Bible and encounter Jesus through the Scripture.

  • Website :
  • Nominated by David & Alison Dorricott
  • Represented by Le Fras Strydom



RO-MAN-AID – The IOM Romanian Project

Currently focusing on the education of Roma and other marginalised children, this charity helps disadvantaged groups in Romania within the health, rural development and educational sectors.

The donation from AFD will be used to extend a current project in one school to Roma children who are making the transition from primary to secondary school, helping to prevent school abandonment at a crucial stage in their education.

  • Website :
  • Nominated by Thomas O’Hare
  • Represented by Dr Rosa & Douglas Drown



The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a Christian church and charity which seeks to help those suffering, through the love of Jesus. Their Community Relief Project runs all year-round, offering help and support to those who find themselves in financial difficulty.

The donation from AFD will help to fund these ongoing initiatives ensuring people referred through social services or other charities can access the support they need.




SAT-7 broadcasts on satellite television and digital media in Arabic, Turkish and Farsi to the 500 million people of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) enabling the Church to make known the love of Christ in those areas, in the privacy of people’s own homes.

The donation from AFD will be applied to SAT-7’s core funding needs which will help in the production of new programmes to provide teaching and discipleship for viewers, encouraging them on their journey of faith.

  • Website :
  • Nominated by David & Alison Dorricott
  • Represented by Jonathan Moulding



Scripture Union Ministries Trust

Operating Island-wide and in most of the Island’s primary and secondary schools, the Trust employs a team of full-time church, community and school workers to bring ‘Faith Within Reach’ of every child and young person on our Island, offering more in-depth discussion with those wishing to explore the Christian faith.

The donation from AFD will support the employment of the full-time workers and will also facilitate the future development of SUMT’s work in schools and churches around the Island.

  • Website :
  • Nominated by David & Alison Dorricott
  • Represented by Bob & Andrea Jeavons, Steve Curtis & Ruth Walker



Simon on the Streets

This charity provides emotional and practical support to rough sleepers across West Yorkshire, many of whom live very chaotic lives that include complex mental health problems, drug addictions and alcohol dependencies and who are often completely disengaged from accessing mainstream services.

The donation from AFD will go directly to their support services enabling outreach workers to continue to deliver vital support to incredibly vulnerable adults on our streets; a statistic which is increasing continually.



Soldiers’ & Airmen’s Scripture Readers Association (SASRA)

SASRA brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to members of the Army, Royal Air Force and their families by working alongside Chaplains at bases in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

AFD’s donation will be used towards training costs for new Scripture Readers which will increase the reach of the charity within the Forces.

  • Website :
  • Nominated by David & Alison Dorricott
  • Represented by Sir Laurence New



SOS Children’s Villages UK

Working in 136 countries and territories, SOS Children’s Villages UK is part of the world’s largest charity protecting children who have lost parental care. The charity supports them to grow into resilient and independent adults who can contribute to their communities, helping bring about positive and lasting change.

The donation from AFD will be directed to running emergency programmes and to their schools and vocational training centres.



Stand by Me

Working in 7 countries across the world, Stand by Me are a childcare charity motivated to follow Jesus’ example to rescue children from terrible circumstances and provide them with the care, love and attention they need to thrive.

The donation from AFD will be used to support some of their children, in Ethiopia, who are in further education at high school, college or university giving them the opportunities to become the doctors, teachers and leaders of tomorrow.



Stauros Foundation Isle of Man

Stauros Isle of Man works alongside vulnerable people, and their families, who are in bondage to addictions. Their experience is that Jesus Christ can set people free from addiction.

The donation from AFD will be used for travel and resources to facilitate the continuation of training additional people to extend the pastoral work of helping addicts and those close to them.

  • Website :
  • Nominated by James Allen
  • Represented by Gordon Buist



St German’s Cathedral Foundation for Music and the Arts

The role of the Foundation is to promote and support Music and the Arts specifically at St German’s Cathedral whether that be for regular worship or concert performances. The Foundation also provide a music outreach to schools delivering free music input to children, many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds and wouldn’t otherwise have access to music education.

The donation from AFD will be used towards the operational costs of the choir purchasing new music, robes and help to facilitate further outreach work within the Primary schools of the Island.

  • Website :
  • Nominated by David & Alison Dorricott
  • Represented by Ian Thompson & Dr Mike Hoy



Sulby Methodist Church

This Christian church serves the local community and runs several outreach initiatives such as Messy Church, Bible Studies, craft and lunch groups in addition to providing hospitality and outreach to those visiting the Island for events such as the TT.

AFD’s donation will be directed to the Church’s building project which aims to create an open, flexible space, within the existing church, which will be accessible, welcoming and comfortable creating a valuable resource for the local and wider community.




Tearfund is a Christian charity which works alongside local churches and organisations in over 50 countries, helping communities overcome the worst effects of poverty and disaster by empowering them to realise their plans for a better future.

AFD’s donation will be allocated to a project in Rwanda equipping 17 new Church leaders and supporting existing leaders to deliver Self Help Groups as well as providing training for local households on modern farming practices to increase their agricultural production.

  • Website :
  • Nominated by David & Alison Dorricott
  • Represented by Lawrence Bettany



Transforming Places CIC

More commonly known as ‘Movement Day UK’, Transforming Places, catalyses Christian leaders to spiritually, culturally and socially transform their cities by working together in a strategic and coordinated way to develop and implement a 15-year transformation vision for their cities.

The donation from AFD will be used to directly support 8 mentors and coaches within 4 UK cities providing support to key Christian leaders in those areas.




Trócaire’s dual mandate is to support the most vulnerable people in the developing world, working in over 20 countries to deliver humanitarian assistance and long-term support to communities, while also raising awareness of injustice and global poverty in Ireland.

The donation from AFD will be used to support people in the world’s poorest regions to live with independence and dignity.

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