Building Trust in Data

Do you trust the accuracy of your data? For over 38 years, AFD Software has helped organisations get their data right and ensure the answer to this question is “yes”! AFD’s solutions can help clean up data already held within your databases – then ensure data accuracy continues to be achieved at the point of entry.

AFD Refiner

Refiner automates the process of comparing your address data to the 31 million address records in the Royal Mail Postcode Address File. It helps correct all sorts of errors, makes sure your data is correctly formatted, highlights possible duplicates in your data – and can even add very useful and valuable additional data – such as AFD’s Censation classifications, grid references or even TV region, allowing for analysis and visualisation of your data.

Cleaning up existing Address data is highly challenging, and needs to be done carefully and professionally but whatever the state of your contact database, Refiner will offer the best automatic match where possible, and highlight those records that need manual intervention. Accuracy of contact address data within your database provides a host of tangible benefits, ensuring communications are delivered to a valid address – cutting wasted postage costs, and complying with GDPR requirements, thereby increasing customer perception and service, and brand reputation.

 Refiner in action at Northumbria University

Testifying to how Refiner saves time and radically improves accuracy, Ben McWhinnie, Data Manager at the University of Northumbria says; “Without Refiner, we would be relying on our sources of data being perfect. Many of our students’ data comes from UCAS and the address data comes in a mess – containing both mistakes and formatting errors. We can’t change how it comes to us so we have to accept it. Refiner saves a lot of manual intervention by highlighting errors in these addresses.”

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