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In your customer, prospect, supporter or member data is hidden valuable insight and understanding waiting to be discovered. Imagine being able to better understand the patterns of success in your organisation and use this knowledge to increase the effectiveness of your marketing, communications and planning. With Censation® you can.

Censation is a Geodemographic classification system designed to release this insight by revealing relative affluence, life stage and lifestyle at postcode level. It does this through a simple but highly effective system which assigns one of 52 codes to each UK postcode.

How much is a license?
To license such a system would normally cost around £4,000 per year – but every End User of an AFD Software name or address management solution receives this FREE OF CHARGE.

How Censation is built
Leading UK statistics and demographics analysts DataTalk have built this bespoke system in partnership with AFD Software and ensure it is kept up-to-date. Inputs include over 600 variables from the national census and other reputable sources about where people live, how affluent they are likely to be, what ‘life stage’ they are in, data about housing, employment and education. All this data is analysed together with residential and commercial and an ongoing extensive program of face to face interviews with people from every part of the UK. Censation is in thousands of organisations from almost every UK organisational sector including commerce, education, finance, charity and government.

Raise your probability of success
Our guess is that your organisation would like to gain new insights that help focus activity and resources in the right place, toward the right people at the right time. How can your mailing be better targeted for response? Where will you open your next outlet? How can you increase the probability of success and reduce the possibility of failure? Could the shape and style of communication be more appropriate? These are real questions for almost every organisation – Censation helps you find answers.

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