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Whilst it is always best to make sure data is entered correctly in the first place, this isn’t always possible: especially if you’re an organisation dealing with legacy databases or have little or no control of the data source itself.

So…. AFD has a quest to help even these organisations clean contact data! It is a quest for the highest levels of speed, combined with the best and most accurate levels of matching. It is a quest for continuous improvement which AFD has engaged in for 27 years.

The latest release of Refiner (our cleansing engine) is benchmarked as best-in-class! Users love the range of deployment options which now include server-based and hosted offerings, with a thin client front end, for ease of use and integration. Refiner can also be installed locally on both Windows and Linux platforms for blisteringly fast performance.

Faster Matching AND More Matching AND Better Matching?

Yes. Refiner is rebuilt on our proprietary “Performance Evolution” platform. This builds on the 27-year matching logic heritage and internal specialist data skills to deliver real-world speed improvements of up to 20-fold. Users have already reported cleaning 3 million records per hour with Refiner!

It’s not just about the speed – benchmarking Refiner with alternative engines showed both more matching – and better matching. Let’s face it: increased speed is a definite bonus, but no one wants to introduce errors into data, do they?

More Datasets AND Your Data

A wide variety of additional data can be appended to your contact database during a Refiner session. For example: geodemographic data (relative affluence, life stage and lifestyle) for segmentation, and grid references (longitude/latitude) to pinpoint a geographic location. Other data available includes government, health, education, and local authority administration. In addition, you may want to append data that relates more specifically to your industry (insurance, utility, etc). Our boffins have built Refiner so that any datasets relevant to your industry can be easily included with it – you can even provide your own and we will build it into Refiner for you.

Phone AND Email - Valid or Not?

Phone and Email data can now be validated – in bulk. Is the mobile or landline number valid or not? Is the email address valid? Refiner will get results – LIVE. This helps by confirming accurate data and flagging data that needs to be re-checked – which is a real support toward accuracy and currency of personal data – core to GDPR compliance.

What's the Current Condition of My Data?

An easy way to find out is to use our free health check service. You’ll receive a detailed condition report and access to a free specialist consultation. This will help you evaluate the report and understand practical options to solve any issues identified. Choose to meet our specialist Postcode People via Teams or face-to face. To arrange this please contact Joel Miller on 01624 811709 or email

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